What tiles are suitable for underflooring heating?

What tiles are suitable for underflooring heating?


Winter being the most drowsy phase of the year, it is vital to make your dwelling place serene and season-ready before the town goes into hybernation. So if it is round the corner, be ready to install an underfloor heating system, as it would be the smartest ideas to avoid the chilling temperatures and enjoy blissful warmness. This technology is one the greatest breakthroughs as it is DIY friendly and can secure you from draughts and cold spots.


The underfloor heating system works at up to 40-degree celsius creating a lower demand of energy on the boiler, incase the comfort is not improved. The selection of the underfloor heating system is one of the smartest choices, Why? So firstly, you are not at all required to obstruct your walls, and can make them vacant for interior decorations and other purposes. By adding the heating system to your floor, unlike the radiators that vandalize the aesthetic looks of your walls, you have the opportunity to be flexible with your furniture placement.


The last decade was quite lucky for the underfloor heating system, as people were able to recognise its potential for keeping the room warm without intruding the likely set-up of the room. The flooring here plays one of the most important roles, and mostly underfloor heating system is apt for any kind of flooring. However, the best of all is considered to be tiles, and why not, it has a brilliant thermal conductivity, along with  the speed which transfers the heat to the surface of the floor making it just perfect. 


Not just that tiles are superb with warming out the room, but also the quickness allows optimum utilisation of the heating system. And of course which flooring would give you the maximum satisfaction and variation when it comes to its looks. So now with brilliant underfloor heating system and exotic tiles, you no more need to get chilled out in bathrooms and conservatories. 


The most popular tile material in today's era is ceramic and porcelain tiles. They both are highly affordable, especially when compared to stone. Porcelain especially is sturdy and amazingly conduct heat at a reasonable cost.  


Benefits & Installation of Underfloor Heating


What could be more enchanting than having a warm room in the chilled freezy winters? Yes it will be. However, the best part of the underfloor heating system is that its heat spreads throughout the room, so no matter where you go, the awareness is not going to get compromised. It is cost-effective as it consumes less energy compared to that of a radiator. The heat spreads even if you have kept the windows open. You can install it under any type of flooring, let it be carpeted floors (at a certain point of thickness), tiles, stones or wood. And if you have plans to sell out your home, then probably adding an underfloor heating system would appreciate its price. 


While talking about heating systems, one cannot miss out the conventional radiators. The conventional concept of radiators came into the 30s and being the only available technology has ruled the market for decades. But no more. The underfloor heating system has came in the market covering all the flaws of this traditional system. Now you might think, what upgradations the underfloor system has, so here they are:


1. Distribution of Heat: The underfloor heating system has complete coverage of the room, providing an equal level of heat at every space making you feel warmer. On the contrary, radiators use the process of convection and create warmth by emitting heat into the surrounding atmosphere. The process repeats as once the warmer air goes up to the ceiling, it becomes cool and again comes to the ground for getting heated. The radiator creates a flow of hot and cold air in the room, which does not allow all the parts of the room to be warm. It creates discomfort due to fluctuating temperatures.

2. Suitability & Efficiency through a System: The radiant heating system is not able to compress the humidity present in the room, whereas, the underfloor heating system has a convection technology that suppresses the humidity. The underfloor heating system overpowers the radiant one, as radiant takes time to evenly spread out  and convection heating system gives equal heat throughout the room achieving comfort in every space.

3. Overheating is Costly & In-effective: Radiators usually do overheat, which is expensive and less effective. One cannot survive in such a situation without ventilation. On the contrary, underfloor heating is way better as they save energy and are the best source to ensure comfort at suitable levels of heat.

4. Peace to your Home Decor: Wouldn't it be nice, if you get to feel warm without hampering the interiors of your home. Yes, it is possible, as mentioned above the underfloor heating system allows you to place the system beneath the floor, unlike the radiators which vandalize the room decor. It happens as these heavy equipment are required to place inside the room.   

It shows underfloor heating is one of the most efficient, classic and cost-effective ways to build a warm environment inside your house. Also here you have some gracious matt options, out of which you can select the design suits to your personality. Now installing an underflooring heating system is not easy, you must be aware of the proper procedures to be carried out, or else we bring you the most qualified electrician for the purpose.

Tiles Compatible with Underfloor Heating


The best material for the underfloor heating system is a material which can compatibly conduct the heat, however, the material with low compatibility with heat can also be used. Tiles are considered the best options for underfloor heating as they have good conductivity, you can choose any of your favourite kinds of tiles to represent your personality and of course, they require less maintenance. You can go for wood effect tiles, they will give you a rustic look in your house and they are always considered to be more universal. 


Also, marble effect tiles are perfect, they would be cost-effective if compared to actual marble and will give the elegant finish to your house making it more divine. Now we come to the most popular and suitable tiles, known as porcelain tiles. They are thin in comparison to hard floorings. These tiles come in the most appropriate proportion of thickness of 8mm and 12mm. It allows quick transfer of the heat compared to other floorings. Also, the heat stays for a longer period in porcelain tiles. And the best part about porcelain tiles is that it overcomes the most problematic issue of underfloor heating, which is crack in the flooring that takes place due to changes in the temperature. If you get it installed by a qualified electrician, you would not face any such problem of cracks. 


So now you are not forced to deal with those old conventional radiators, instead, you can bring the all-new underfloor heating system. Apart from being compatible with all types of tiles, it also ensures that your home decor should not get changed. The best material to apply on the underfloor heating system is tiled as you can select your preferred option suiting your pocket and interiors of the house.