Why Are Encaustic Effect Tiles the Most Popular Bathroom Tile

Why Are Encaustic Effect Tiles the Most Popular Bathroom Tile

Encaustic effect tiles have quickly risen to fame because of their flawless and contemporary finish. These tiles are durable and are available in a variety of designs in all kind of shapes and sizes. They can be a lot cheaper to handle and even easier to maintain, which is why they have become a popular choice among vintage house renovators. Designers also use encaustic effect tiles to create modern and traditional style rooms, walls, and floors to take the home design one step further.

In the past, Encaustic tiles were used in 19th century France. They were also widely used in Asian countries as they gave a blank surface for artists to work on. Encaustic tiles were created by cement and then hand-painted by artists; they were heavy and hard to install. They were used in home floorings to create traditional and contemporary looks. However, it had many issues that led it to its downfall in the home designer community. 

Encaustic tiles were hefty as they were made of cement; they had to be very carefully installed. These tiles were repairable as they were often made on-demand; they didn't have many sets available. The material of encaustic tiles was easily damaged and suffered etching from liquids. They were hard to clean as their surface area was porous unless there was a sealing finish. In the modern-day and age, every issue has a solution. encaustic effect tiles were a solution to all the issues caused by encaustic tiles; they were durable, light, and easy to handle.


History of Encaustic Tile and Encaustic Effect Tile

Encaustic tiles were used in the Victorian age to create luxurious patterns and flooring that can last a long time. Whereas, encaustic effect tiles were recently introduced in the 20th century as a better alternative to encaustic tiles. Encaustic effect tiles were more durable and had better longevity; it did not require specialized installation guides as they were easier to install. The modern encaustic effect tiles are available in two types of materials, ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain encaustic effect tiles have better quality and resistant properties but are more expensive than ceramic encaustic effect tiles.

Benefits of Using Encaustic Effect Tiles

One of the best features of encaustic effect tiles is their wide spectrum of benefits; they also offer bold colour options in all shapes and sizes. Encaustic effect tiles are used to create flawless finishes in homes to give them personality. Let us look at some of the significant benefits of using encaustic effect tiles:


If you need a durable material that can stand high traffic but do not want to sacrifice the style of your home, then it is best to go with encaustic effect tiles. These tiles have a protective barrier that can stand wear and tear. They can be used to create feature walls or backsplash in kitchens as they are not damaged by messy cooking or prepping of food. You can also use these tiles to create traditional flooring that has heavy traffic, such as a ballroom or a hallway. 


Encaustic effect tiles have a broad spectrum of designs that can be used to create certain styles. Most importantly, they can replicate the traditional Victorian or Medieval design patterns to create a feature wall or flooring as well. The versatile style also allows the use of encaustic effect tiles in modern homes, where you can create gorgeous feature walls to add personality to your home.


Encaustic effect tiles have a sleek finish, which allows them to be easily cleaned and maintained over time. They do not need extensive maintenance on daily bases, just a light dusting or wipe can make them as good as new. The easy-maintenance and the extravagant design has made them a popular alternative to encaustic tiles.


Encaustic effect tiles are a cheap option that can add a lot of personality to your home. They are not as expensive as marble tiles or encaustic tiles, which also require additional transport charges as they are quite heavy. They are available in the market at moderate prices. Moreover, they have an extensive range of designs that you can choose to make your own perfect home.

Water and Frost-Resistant

Porcelain encaustic effect tiles are very durable as they are made of dense material. The dense surface area does not allow passage of water or liquid seepage, which enables them to be hydrophobic. They can be used to create feature bathrooms or splashbacks in kitchens to give it more personality and colour. Moreover, their hydrophobic nature allows them to be frost resistant as water cannot seep into the material. 

Different Style Options with Encaustic Effect Tiles

Encaustic effect tiles offer a grand list of designs that cater to certain needs of heritage and period designers. They offer an alternative option at low-prices, which is why they are quickly overtaking the home-designers trend chart.

Victorian Style Encaustic Effect Tiles

These tiles offer long-lasting and authentic design option that replicates the Victorian period style. These tiles offer gorgeous Victorian patterns that can be used to create traditional flooring in period-based homes. These tiles can also be used to create kitchen backsplashes; they work best with simple monochrome kitchens as they have a lot of colour and design going on in them. Modern style homes can also use encaustic effect tiles to create feature walls in bathrooms; it is a guaranteed way of adding character to your house.

Moroccan Style Encaustic Effect Tiles

Encaustic tiles were also used in Asian territories, where hand-made tiles were used to decorate mansions and homes. Their authentic designs are replicated in Moroccan style encaustic effect tiles so they can be used in modern and traditional-style homes. These encaustic effect tiles draw a lot of attention as they have bright colours with intricate design patterns. They can be used to create Moorish-themed aesthetic as they are used with Mediterranean furniture and fixtures. This type of tile looks best with cream and warm-coloured upholstery, fixtures, and furniture. 

Contemporary Encaustic Effect Tiles

These encaustic effect tiles are designed by keeping the modern and contemporary style in mind. They often have repeating patterns and a glazed finish. Their colours range from cool to dark hues, which allow them to be used to create iconic contemporary looks. They can also add a vintage look to your home, without pointing to a specific tradition or style. These types of encaustic effect tiles can be used to create a modern black and white aesthetic in your bathrooms or kitchen. 

Create Stylish and Trendy Space in Your Home

Encaustic effect tiles can be used as walls or as flooring because of their variety of designs. They are available in monochromatic patterns or in a bold, colourful pattern, which why they can be used to create authentic contemporary looks in homes as feature walls, backsplashes, or as vintage flooring. They are an authentic alternative to pricier options as they provide more character to your home at cheaper rates.