Why concrete effect tiles work so well in the kitchen?

Why concrete effect tiles work so well in the kitchen?

One of the industries that observe plentiful inventions and change in the design, styles, aesthetics and trend shifts is none other than the interior designing industry. 

With every passing day, fresh and stylish design trends are brought into the marketplace that not only hook the eyes of the homeowners but the famous interior decorators also pay keen attention to the ongoing changes.

Yet there is something that is consistently alluring people with the conventional taste- “The concrete rustic look”. 

Earlier, the rustic look of the cement used to hide behind the paints of the beautiful walls and carved wood but now the scenario is changing. In today’s world, people want to show its real beauty in its original look. Designers across the globe are using concrete effect kitchen tiles to beautify and enhance the looks of the kitchen and give it a raw and rustic look.   

Let’s have a look at how the world is considering it and what effects concrete look brings to your place.


The charm of Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

Concrete material is considered as one of the most loved materials across the globe. The urban sector across the UK uses this strong base not only for the cleanliness factor but also for the eco- friendly atmosphere. The concrete effect kitchen tiles add charm to your kitchen with its durable discreet look and restrained tone giving an assertive framework to the present-day interior designs.   



Concrete versus Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

Though the concrete material is bold enough, it too has got one major problem associated with it and that is staining. And, the kitchen is the place where stains love to stick. Concrete is an extremely absorbent material which starts absorbing liquid immediately. Thus, one needs to be aware while considering placing a concrete surface for the kitchen area. Even if you try other domestic detergents to wipe off the spilled liquid it won't affect that much to clear those stubborn stains. So, many people take the concrete look as the problematic thing to be placed at home.


If there is a problem then there is a solution for it as well and that is called concrete effect kitchen tiles rather than concrete tiles. 

A kitchen is a place where stains mostly occur. For it, you have to go for the tough, hard-wearing floor and wall tiles that exactly look like dyed cement which helps to retain the distinct features and underdone appeal of the reliable building material. Moreover, the maintenance part is cost-effective. The sealing and shining modestly fade away with cement-effect tiles which help to get you the stain-proof surface with a feeling of raw appeal cemented floor.

Though it will never get that ahead in accomplishing the constant effect of refined concrete; cement-effect tiles come to your rescue by being available in standard as well as large sizes. It closely pretends of giving the original finish to your kitchen. So, go for it!


Reminiscent of Polished Concrete

You have another option if you want to go with the concrete look - The Kallio glazed porcelain tile. It is considered one of the flagship titles of Halcon- one of Spain’s top manufacturers. The large tiles that they manufacture truly create a replica with polished cement flooring, and with that the old-fashioned design matches perfectly with the consistency of concrete thing. They offer a neutral choice for flooring home tiles, with a bit of slight patterning.

If you are convinced and want to give the magical concrete look to your kitchen then you can try out the Kallio floor tiles to give that striking balance to your space.


An Unassertive Backdrop Of cement effect tiles

One of the fascinations of cement-effect tiles is the unassertive manner they carry. Over here, they incorporate effortlessly into almost every domestic setting, while never overlooking the scene. Relatively, they tend to offer a firm, neutral canvas that gives the scope to the people who love to decorate their homes in their creative style.

You can go for varieties of the range such as Factory Floor Tiles that are easily available as Factory White and Grey floor tiles.


What's the best in it?


a)    They are Durable

concrete effect kitchen tiles last for the long run. The flooring made up of cement is tougher than hardwoods. What else can be the best thing for the kitchen where durability is the main concern? Moreover, it last longer than ceramic tile as well. But just ensure one thing that here you must coat the tiles with a powerful sealant which will prevent discoloration and at ease you will be able to clean it.

b)    They are Easy to Maintain

You will be happier to know that sealed concrete effect kitchen tiles can be cleaned easily – just like any other floor tiles. For the best result, you can use a mild detergent to clean the floor. Do keep in mind that you should always try to use a dry cloth over the surface so that any standing moisture can be collected before it enters the tile.

c)     There is a Design to Match Every Home

From the aspect of design, you will find numerous concrete tiles that will match the style of home you live in. It comes in various colors as well. You won’t have any hassle finding great designs.

 d)    They are Environmentally-Friendly

concrete effect kitchen tiles are made up of natural eco-friendly and high-quality material. They also include natural colors to create unique patterns. The thing that's great with natural colors is that they won't fade over time. In the same manner, non-mineral based colors won't discolor. Thus, because of these great facilities, some of the encaustic tiles from ancient times continue to look astonishingly vibrant across the globe. Concrete tiles are prepared using a hydraulic press method. They are never sweltered to harden like many other tiles, which further makes concrete tile manufacturing a more energy-efficient process.


If you’re looking to renovate your home with something extraordinary then you should for sure consider cement-effect tiles once in your life. They give amazing effects in kitchens, washrooms, and living spaces.

Moreover, they’re unquestionably stain-proof, and you do not have to worry about its durability. So try it out once. You will love its look.