Why Terracotta Effect Tiles Are Making A Comeback

Why Terracotta Effect Tiles Are Making A Comeback

Terracotta Effect Tiles have a natural affinity with rustic and modern looks as it has a homely charm to it. There are a number of shadings available for terracotta effect tiles; however, most of them have darker brown, red, and black colours. There are various finishes, shapes, and materials of terracotta effect tiles, which provides more benefit than natural terracotta stone. 


Terracotta Effect Tiles Over Natural Terracotta 

Natural terracotta has a beautiful earthy quality that creates subdued tones of red and brown hues. It offers a unique look that cannot be achieved in wooden, marble or pattern tiles. Their rustic beauty gives a traditional charm to modern and vintage homes. 

However, natural terracotta is very porous; water and liquids can easily damage it. The water seepage allows the growth of mould and fungi, which makes it very unappealing.

Terracotta effect tiles offer the beauty of natural terracotta without all the setbacks. terracotta effect tiles have various other benefits, which allows it to be used in the house or outside the house without hassle.

Benefits of Using Terracotta Effect Tiles

  • Unlike natural terracotta, porcelain terracotta effect tiles are hydrophobic they can be installed without the fear of water damage. They can be used in gardens, bathrooms, or kitchens to create cosy and rustic looks. This quality also allows them to be frost-resistant.
  • Terracotta effect tiles are also scratch-resistant; however, porcelain-based tiles have more durability than ceramic-based terracotta effect tiles. The former can be easily used in high-traffic areas.
  • Terracotta effect tiles are not porous; they have a dense material, which allows them to be stain resistant. They are virtually safe from any liquid spill, which makes them a perfect choice to be used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Terracotta effect tiles can be easily cleaned without much hassle. Unlike real terracotta, which once damaged, cannot be cleaned. Long-term dust buildup on these tiles can be easily cleaned with high-powered washers as well. This makes it a more hygienic option as it can be disinfected and maintained in relatively good conditions for a long time.
  • terracotta effect tiles are a versatile material. Unlike natural terracotta stone, terracotta effect tiles are available in all shapes, sizes or patterns without much worry. They can be easily used in small spaces to create a stylized look.
  • Terracotta effect tiles are a cheaper option; they provide a broad spectrum of varieties that are realistic looking without an expensive price tag.
  • Terracotta effect tiles allow heat passage, which makes them a good material to be used in homes that have under-floor heating.


Create Modern and Traditional Looks

Terracotta effect tiles have a versatile ability to enhance the appearance and design of an area. They do not have patterns or specific designs, which is why they are the perfect option to accentuate certain minute qualities of a room. Their rustic finish allows you to create warm and cosy rooms; however, it certainly does not mean that it has to look traditional. 

Modern homes can use machine-cut terracotta effect tiles to make geometric patterns on the floor or the walls. These patterns can give a warm look to the room in a modern fashion. Moreover, the glazed terracotta effect tiles are a modern version as natural terracotta does not have a glazed finish.

You can use glazed terracotta in the bathroom and kitchen walls to create a warm modern finish. They can also be used to create feature walls. The glazed finish offers a sleek and rustic finish when used as an outside flooring option; it can be accentuated with a green garden or pools.

On the other hand, natural terracotta effect tiles have a more traditional cut and style. They can be combined with pattern tiles to create conventional and vintage rooms. It can look gorgeous in bathroom and kitchen floors along with pattern feature walls as it offers a seamless transition of rustic colours. You can also combine traditional cut terracotta effect tiles with modern geometric pattern tiles to create a whimsical modern-meets-traditional room that has a lot of personalities.

Top Trends and Designs Using Terracotta Effect Tiles 

Don’t let the rustic and glazed finish scare you away as times have changed and designers are opting for the glossy tile look. The matt finish of terracotta stone floor has been used less and less, while its predecessor, the glazed terracotta effect tiles are used more. The terracotta effect tiles can warm up the room without looking like a hot rustic mess. Let’s look at some of the top terracotta effect tiles designs used in modern and traditional houses.

Vintage Style

The simple quality of terracotta effect tiles allows designers to pair bold colours with it. The warm rustic colours go very well with vintage finishes as they have a worn look that pairs well with 70s design options. It can be used in living rooms to create the perfect vintage lounge with bright furniture and antique fixtures.

Modern Style

The glazed terracotta effect tiles have become very popular among designers and home renovators as it has a sleek modern finish. It can just as easily be cleaned. Moreover, glazed tiles reflect light that makes the room appear larger and spacious as well.

Victorian Style

Being one of the biggest sellers of terracotta effect tiles, the Victorian style has taken the modern world up in a storm. Victorians liked to add gaudy furniture with fancy borders, the same goes for their floors and walls. Similarly, the simple surface and design of terracotta effect tiles allow designers to add pattern carpet flooring in Victorian-style homes.

 It allows easy maintenance with a gorgeous finish. You can also create a Victorian feature wall in the kitchen or the bathroom using traditional pattern and terracotta effect tiles to create a Victorian-style room.


Cosy, Calming, and Rustic

The versatile use of terracotta effect tiles allows it to be combined with various styles. Unlike wood, marble, or pattern tiles, which have a very specific appeal associated with each design, terracotta effect tiles allow the designer to have various design options. 

The colours of terracotta effect tiles are available in hues of brown and red, which makes the choice of colour combination very easy as these colours complement various styles and colour palates. Their colour option allows for a sleek finish when glazed or a more traditional look when left matt.

Their aesthetic appeal allows it to be used in all rooms of the house, internally or externally. They can be used to create warm walls of the house to make it look like it has been made from clay or, it can be used to create a smooth finish without the overly shiny finish of the marble.