Why You Should Consider Brick Slips For Your Bathroom

Why Brick Slips Work So Well in the Bathroom

Bricks Slips are a quick and natural solution to re-inventing your home. They can be easily used in renovations and can create a rustic yet modern look through proper application and use. Brick slips are also called thin bricks or brick veneers as they are often made from the same material as real bricks. They can also be well suited to the kitchen and the bathroom as they have water-resistant and heat-resistant properties. These resistant properties are one of the reasons why using brick slips in the bathroom has become more popular then ever before!


Above Is Our: Antique Light Grain Brick Slips

The Beauty of Bathroom Brick Slips

The growing need to use bathroom brick slips stems from the urge to create a personal space that reflects the individual living in that home. Brick slips offer a variety of personality and colour that allows individuals to create perfect living space. As human beings, we want to live in perfect homes that are adaptable and can reflect the modern world, which is rapidly changing.

Brick slips offer a dramatic change in the bathroom, it creates its own aesthetic to create a modern look based on your needs. Bathroom brick slips, in particular, offer a wide variety of designs that can be intermixed to create various looks. Some bathroom brick slips provide a sleek look, if you want a modern bathroom, whereas, others offer a rustic texture that provides a genuine outlook.

What Are the Uses of Bathroom Brick Slips?

Looking at its popularity, there must be various reasons as to why bathroom brick slips are used and that is correct. They are highly effective and well-designed artefacts of modern time; it highlights the sleek beauty of the modern aesthetic and the usefulness of modern advancements. Let us look at few these uses and peculiarities:

Water-Proof Properties

There are a variety of brick slips. However, bathroom brick slips, in particular, are glazed or treated through various procedures to make them water-resistant. This property stems from their original predecessor, brick and stone walls, which were used in ancient times and of course even now to build homes. They were and are used due to their natural water-resistant properties that allow homes to stay dry.

Moreover, the material used in these bathroom brick slips also provides natural water-resistant properties that hinder any growth of algae or other fungi. Some bathroom brick slips are specially treated so they may retain their natural colour even under the duress of constant water flow, which allows them to look just as brilliant as they were in the beginning in your personal wet room. 


Bathroom brick slips are often used as external brick slips as well so they can become durable and maintain their original texture. Such brick slips can maintain their natural looks in harsh weathers as well. The additional benefit of using bathroom brick slips is their thickness! measuring between 15mm and 20mm thick brick slips offer some degree of insulation.

Cheaper Solution

Bathroom brick slips are a cheap solution with high-end quality that is why considering restoring the original brick work including stripping back decades of plaster, paint, plasterboard, mould etc. Brick slips offer the same beauty without the hassle; they re-invent the bathroom to look like a million-dollar renovation has been achieved. They are available in various qualities, textures, and colours, all having different origins and material.

They provide an endless variety of options that can give a customised personality to your bathroom.


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Varieties of Bathroom Brick Slips

Brick slips offer a wide range of options that can bring different charm to your bathroom. Some brick slips may give an elegant finish to your bathroom, while others may provide a rather rustic and traditional charisma.

Traditional Bathroom Brick Slips

There is a certain allure to natural hand-made bricks; they give a traditional look to your bathroom as each bathroom brick slip has its own texture and personality. The tradition bathroom brick slip is made through kiln-fire and is sundried, which why they might develop their own unique colour. The basic texture depends upon the type of material used to make it.  This type of bathroom brick slips needs sealers, grouts, and adhesive. Moreover, for the perfect finish, they might also have a special finish to make them resistant to water and humidity.

Material: Traditional bathroom brick slips use clay and mortar to create certain colours; it may cut from original bricks to give it an authentic feel. This type of brick uses natural procedures to "bloom" or colour the brick to add more texture and give an edge to its look.

Modern Bathroom Brick Slips

Made from the best materials, modern bathroom brick slips provide a certain edge and sleek quality to the bathroom. They have a simple finish and do not have a lot of texture, which is why they are perfect to be used in bathrooms or wet rooms. Moreover, this type of bathroom brick slip provides additional protective and easy-maintenance properties that stops any penetrations of weather or other elements. They do not need additional finishes or varnishes as their material already holds those properties in them.

Material: Various modern materials are used to make this type of bathroom brick slips water-resistant, insulated, and other times eco-friendly as well. They can resist the growth of fungi, algae, and lichen, which makes them the perfect bathroom addition.

Additional Tips on Choosing Authentic Bathroom Brick Slips

There are various things that can go wrong when looking for the perfect bathroom brick slips as there are a variety of types with different properties. Here are some tips that will help you choose an authentic and genuine product:

  • Consider the amount of light that comes in to your bathroom, if the room is small and poorly lit its best to consider a light brick slips
  • Choose a colour and design option; in the beginning, it will help you develop the overall aesthetic of the bathroom without getting side-tracked.
  • Some bathroom brick slips may look amazing as feature walls inside the bathroom, while others may look appealing inside a wet room. Have a look through our full range and get some samples first.
  • Some bathroom brick slips may not be water-resistant at all, and you might need to seal them after application. Sealing will allow the surface to become hydrophobic.

Build Your Own Aesthetic

Creativity plays a huge role in making your bathroom a personal space that brings peace of mind. Bathroom brick slips can help you make it a personal space, but you need to be creative and get inspired by other bathroom galleries. Personal choice matters a lot, don’t make quick decisions, think over what you like and want, and then design your bathroom with a wide variety of bathroom brick slips that are available.

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