All You Need to Know About Wood Effect Tiles!

Wood effect floor tiles are quickly becoming the latest trend within the home. with advances in tile technology, these tiles now look and FEEL like real wood flooring.

Wood effect tiles are non restrictive which means they have been designed in a variety wood types.

How to install wood effect tiles is a question we often get asked. We would always advise getting these installed by a professional and we do offer a tiling installation service for the south east of england so please feel free to get in touch should you need any help.

Tip: The longer the wood effect tile the harder it will be to find a tiler to install it, this is because a standard size manual cutter is about 900mm. once going over this size only a handful of tilers in your area will have tools that can accommodate a 1.1 meter or even 1.3 meter plank tile.

However much like tiling with smaller more straight forward tiles it is much about preparation.

Ensure you have the right tools and materials and we have put this in a list below (most of which you can buy from us)

  • 12mm Trowel (you may get away with 8mm but we would only advise using 12mm
  • Bucket trowel
  • 2 Flexible buckets (1 for water & 1 for mixing your adhesive up)
  • Manual Tile Cutter. We only use Rubi cutters but cheaper ones can work just as well, it is important to ensure it has the correct setting for the material your tile is (ceramic or porcelain)
  • Wet Cutter
  • Adhesive mixer (although you can do this by hand)
  • Tile nips
  • Level
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Tape Measure
  • Tile Spacers
  • Grout Bucket
  • Grout Float
  • Grout sponges
  • Grout (1kg per m2)
  • Adhesive (20kg for 4m2)
  • Acrylic primer (1l per 10m2)

When choosing a lay out for your tiles wether herringbone or staggered the main thing to consider is space, if you are working in a large open space over 3 meters x 3 meters then herringbone would work well as would staggered anything smaller then that then we would advise using the staggered effect.

Below you can see the staggered look for one of our wood effect tiles.

Below is the Herringbone pattern in one of our floor tiles.

These tiles can be used throughout the home and some of them (porcelain) can be used outside the home if your looking to create an open living space where the tiles runs from the house to the patio area. They can be used on walls as well as floors.

 Wood Effect Tiles Laid outside

If you'd like some help, head over to our online chat feature, and we'll be happy to talk you through some options, or even to fit your tiles for you.