Anti-Slip Kitchen Tiles

Anti-slip kitchen tiles

Many regions of your house higher footfall and undergo a lot of water sloshes as the young ones run around playing with your drenched-muddy pets. 

All of these spaces like kitchens and hallways must be kept safe for them; to prevent any injuries, along with paralleled coveted style statements for daily life uses. Our tile collection is filled with anti-slip kitchen tiles that are perfect for your home if you have these types of frequent visit spaces.

What are anti-slip tiles?

As the name reflects,anti-slip kitchen tiles are distinct that the normal, sleek surface tiles as they proffer better grip. These types of tiles have a unique rough matte surface for avoiding any skids. Rooms with often entry and the ones that have repeated incidents can be made slip-secure by using anti-slip kitchen tiles 

Tiles that provide grip even when wet; well it cannot get any better than this. While staying protective, they do not overlook the longevity and good looks; just like the normal tiles. In addition to this, these tiles are also made in so many different designs and finish that they will suit and fit all your personal spaces.

anti-slip kitchen tiles are apt if you wish to make your space a safe playground/ racetrack for the kids of the house. These are also great options for all the clumsy-ones who keep dropping things across the floor. 

Why choose anti-slip kitchen tiles?

The tiles receive their name- 'Anti-slip', by a process they undergo; it is responsible for making the tile surface rough and uneven for fostering superior grip, even after being coated with liquids. It is great for decreasing the skid-count of the family members; something common in places like the kitchen. By using anti-slip kitchen tiles in the cook-area, one can ensure classic trendy looks along with no compromise in kitchen safety measures. 

Anti-slip kitchen tiles by Appleby’s Tiles

anti-slip kitchen tiles are a pragmatic choice of floor coverings; which should be number one while selecting tiles for excessive footfall areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Marinating safe surroundings is the foremost element that should be revised while deciding home installations. Alack, not all home décor tiling options are made keeping this safety factor in mind. 

These anti-slip kitchen tiles are perfect for household remakes, including all rooms, like bath-area, kitchens and laundry rooms. These tiles are specially tested to fulfill the standards and qualify as good anti-slip tiles.

The tiles are labeled with 'R' units from a scale. If a tile has received R9 value then it is produced accordingly but not tested; these are great for dry areas only. This goes all the way up to R13; which provides the best no-skid properties. R10 rated tiles are ideal for daily use areas like kitchen; also bathrooms when used with bathmats. The highest-rated tiles i.e. R11-R13 are perfect for areas that have regular water spillage like bathrooms, pools, etc. R13 tiles are also used in commercial areas and garage floors; they can be used outdoors as well since they are generally made with porcelain.

One other 'point to remember' during the selection of perfect tiles is tile glaze; whether it is matte or gloss, matte is great for wet-regions, it provides better underfoot grip like natural stones.

The top dilemmas in anti-slip kitchen tiles made from ceramic and porcelain are their slippage resistance. Few reasons for this are:

  1. Clients, interior designers, and even architects do not understand that ceramic made tiles that have gone through slip-test are title them with a grade or score. With the lack of this information, many people assume that the floor tile can either be anti-slip or no; in reality, the scenario isn't this narrowed. Different tiles have varying degrees of resisting any material or force, and this is seen through the rate or grade titled. If the people do not know this they will keep thinking that either the tiles are anti-slip or they are not.
  2. Though several qualities of a tile like durability and scratch-resistant or quality, go hand in hand while the tiles are examined. Though, this is not the same for anti-slip tests. All different nations follow different guidelines for consumer protection and safety; while scaling and rating the qualities and grades of flooring options. Hence, the outcomes of one tile test might not be the same as the other test; they do not connect and comply in any way.

For avoiding all these hassles we must always divide the tile options available into anti-slip kitchen tiles and anti-slip normal tiles.