Anti-Slip Tiles

Anti-Slip Tiles

It’s well-said that “Home is where our heart is” and our heart stays happy when everything around us is according to our wish. Home- A place where not only your relatives visit you but time and again the neighbors, and friends also pay a visit, isn’t it? It’s the place where life still exists. The happiness, that cute giggles echoing everywhere, that cuddling nature of your child towards the floor, playing hide and seek from one corner to another corner, running when somebody hits the bell or it's you or some elderly person working in your home; anti-slip tiles play a major role when safety and happiness matters.  

Accidents do happen and no one can predict it thus it’s always better to place anti-slip tiles in your home as home is the only place where real life happens. Thus, go for best of the non-slip flooring possibilities, as a threat of slips can be reduced radically - given that unfailing safety to your home without letting you sacrifice on style.

Be wise on selecting from the various categories as there are a lot of anti-slip tiles, irrespective of their size, or design. Thus, bragging a sophisticated artistic and a matchless soberness, the striking collection of non-slip flooring answers demonstrates why Appleby's Tiles should be your one-stop-solution regarding anti-slip tiles and its accessories.


Be clear about the concept of anti-slip tiles?

You can find the answer in the name itself, can’t you?  The non-slip tiles (anti-slip tiles) made for the floors offer a similar feature such as providing longer durability and grace as regular tiles provide, but they come with extra hold accomplished through the vigilant texturing of the surface material.


What are the benefits of anti-slip tiles?

anti-slip tiles claim an array of practical and stylistic rewards, including: 

Assured safety (Most accidents take place in one’s home, but by placing these floor tiles, you can safeguard your family against pointless accidents and falls; especially in areas where wetness is common.

Slight maintenance - From spills and leaks to muddy footprints kitchen sees it all. Thus, with slight maintenance, you can shine your space.

Hard-wearing properties - You need to place your flooring in a way that it can survive minute wear and tear. Go for the porcelain to natural stone, these anti-slip tiles resources provide an unparalleled durability.

Effortless aesthetics – It doesn’t matter what is your approach to the interior space of your home, you can be confident that there is an option of a anti-slip tiles that perfectly match with your interior.  


Where to use anti-slip floor tiles?

There are several sections in the house mostly disposed of to the slippery surfaces. For example:  A splash of oil can simply go unobserved in the kitchen and with such thing happening in the heart of your home, it is not ok to go with. Thus, anti-slip tiles give the ideal answer to the slippery surfaces. It has all the benefits just as regular kitchen tiles – such as durability, easy to clean with beautiful appearance - the exceptionally textured surface minimizes the risk of slips and falls.

And when it comes to moisture, bathrooms are the utmost culprit, with humid showers forming condensation and making the surface slippery.  Thus, if you combine it with soaps and lotions, with the wrong type of floor covering, you could catch an accident anytime. Thus, go for the anti-slippery ones.

Do you want something more out of anti-slip tiles? If yes, then try to be a lifeguard for people suffering from a certain type of disability or flexibility issue - by giving them a safe and reliable surface.

The remunerations of anti-slip tiles aren’t just restricted to the kitchens and washrooms, whichever - with cemented hallways and conservatories being a mutual site for slips, particularly when steps and stairways are existent.

Go with the wide choice of anti-slip tiles available. You will get numerous applications that are endless. And give your home that perfect non-slip flooring solution.


Anti-slip tiles by Appleby's Tiles

Nobody has asked you to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality, right? So, come and grab the offer placed by Appleby. Their wide collection of anti-slip tiles, as well as other tiles such as porcelain and stone tiles will please everyone’s eyes.

And, if anti-slip tiles flooring was not the thing you were then do check out their other range of floor and wall tiles that comes with various colors, sizes, styles, and matching your budget.