Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles

Whether you are fitting a brand new bathroom or giving your existing one a new refreshing look, Appleby’s wide range of bathroom floor tiles offer the perfect way to make your bathroom unique. Explore our collection of bathroom floor tiles, available in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles! From a classic sleek look, to something more colourful and patterned, Appleby’s range of bathroom floor tiles will have the perfect design for you.

Why choose bathroom floor tiles?

The bathroom is a frequently visited area of any household and can become a messy area. From the humidity caused by hot running showers, to build up of grime from constant use, the variety of uses of any bathroom can take its toll on the space. Therefore, ease of cleaning should be a top priority for the bathroom and fitting bathroom floor tiles can be the perfect solution. Bathroom floor tiles’ water resistant and easy to clean finish makes them incredibly low maintenance, highly effective at protecting floors from any stains or marks.

Style ideas for your bathroom floor tiles

When designing your bathroom it can be hard to know how to balance bathroom floor tiles, trying to strike the balance between practicality and flawless style. But, finding the perfect mix of the two can be surprisingly easy. Whether you need to add some colour with your bathroom floor tiles, or just need something smart and hard-wearing - you’ll find a tiling solution that suits your needs perfectly within the Appleby’s bathroom floor tile collection.