Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Probably the best suited place for tiles is the bathroom, ensuite, wet room whatever you have it will almost certainly be covered in tiles! The actual purpose of using tiles in the bathroom (as well as looking amazing) is to act as barrier to protect your walls wether that is paint, brick or plaster. Bathroom tiles are a must have for both the walls and floors.

It is just a matter of deciding what ones best suit your bathroom with a selection of over 2,000 different tiles it shouldn't be too hard right? This intro in to our bathroom tiles will cover the most popular tiles for the bathroom for both walls and floors.

If your considering any other options let us put that to rest for you!

Wood on the floor? This doesn't work, would shrinks and expands with temperature change and the bathroom is forever changing temperature with showers and baths etc so installing a wood floor it will begin to expand and shrink eventually "turning up" and cracking.

Secondly all your lotions and potions won't be too friendly on wood floors. seeing as most products contain oil wood is incredibly likely to stain from the oils.

Finally, would warps with water! Wood has no place in the bathroom as water will cause the layers in wood to warp!

Lino on the floor? This isn't really a competition is it? unlike Bathroom tiles Lino offers incredibly basic and flat designs that although offer great protection from slips and water damage, no one walks in to a Lino bathroom and says "where do you get it from"


Applebys likes to be a little different to the other sites you might find, we don't really do ordinary, we like our tiles to stand out and be memorable that is why you will find an array of designs within each filter and an explosion of colour on your screen!

Our Top 5 Bathroom Tile Choices For The Floor

These are just some of our favourites mixed with some of our most popular choices for the bathroom! But don't be afraid to experiment or mix a few choices together! You can't go wrong with this extensive range of Bathroom tiles and always order your samples first it will let you get a real look and feel of the tile before committing,

Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

Wood effect bathroom tiles are a great idea, for those seeking to make the most of their bathroom or create a spa like finish then these will work really well. 

In terms of colour schemes the options are endless as are they with the designs, you can opt for a coloured wood effect tiles birch, grey, silver and even, floorboard design etc etc there are no limitations so if your considering using a wood based product for your floor covering then browse our range to find a wood effect bathroom tile that matches your needs. Also, wood effect tiles can look greta on the bathroom walls as an "alternative" wall covering.

The best bit about our Wood effect bathroom tiles is that they are designed to perfectly replicate real wood this means they are packed with variations, knots and grains and these don't just look great but also feel incredibly realistic!

Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles

Like wood, stone effect bathroom tiles offer a very natural floor covering that will give a sense of warmth to your bathroom with a natural palette to perfectly compliment your bathroom furniture, The main appeal of using stone effect bathroom tiles is their ability to add character to ones home, our range of stone inspired effect tiles within this range is extensive and includes the use of marble, limestone terrazzo etc etc.

The difference between effect tiles and real stone is the cost and maintenance, as ours are made from ceramic or porcelain you do not need to worry about the maintenance or sealing them, they can be cleaned with a bucket of hot water and bleach without any adverse effects! Where as using a real stone tile in the bathroom you would need to seal this a few times to precept it from becoming porous!

Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

Terracotta is perfect fro re-creating a traditional bathroom suite, the rich fired orange tones offer a very Mediterranean finish to the bathroom that works perfectly well with an array of pastel coloured wall tiles.  Better still with the use of terracotta effect bathroom tiles over actual terracotta is you don't have all the imperfections, maintenance or special cleaners.

You can simply lay them down and enjoy the warmth they offer without having to worry about spills etc. We boast a medium sized range of terracotta effect bathroom tiles of different sizes, hues and finishes to meet whatever needs you specify!

Patterned Bathroom Tiles

A personal favourite for us is the use of patterned bathroom tiles! These tiles can offer many different styles such as floral designs and blue colour tones which are perfectly suited to the bathroom because of the close link between blue and water. Our patterned bathroom tiles are fast becoming the most popular choice for homeowners and it is because the variation in design allows homeowners to choose a patterned bathroom tile to suit their vision.

When we talk about our patterned bathroom tiles these can include designs such as floral, geometric shapes, landscapes, abstract designs and embossed prints. We would highly recommend checking out this range if you are looking for something completely unique!


Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles


Concrete effect bathroom tiles are a relatively new addition of ours, due to the huge demand from customers to offer a modern modern and contemporary tile we have introduced a range of over 200 different concrete effect tiles in all shapes, sizes and tones.

Concrete effect bathroom tiles make for one of the best bathroom floor coverings thanks to their mid grey tones and large format the reduction in grout lines allow for the space to appear much larger than it actually is.

Our Top 4 Bathroom Tile Choices For The Walls

Metro Bathroom Tiles

The classic! Metro bathroom tiles still hold the top spot for the most popular bathroom wall tile and it is evident why! They have come such a long way since the times of the standard white bevelled metro tile however, now these stunning Metro bathroom tiles come in a variety of different designs to include the standard subway metros, cottage tumbled metro tiles, rustic crackle glaze tiles.

The variations in designs and colours within our Metro bathroom tiles means they work perfectly in all settings be it modern, traditional or contemporary. They also work with the use of all bathroom floor tiles.


Bathroom Brick Slips And Brick Effect Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom brick slips and brick effect bathroom tiles are to separate entities. to explain in brief a bathroom brick slip is a thinner version of real brick and they are used to create a completely authentic wall covering that emulates real brick.

On the other hand, brick effect bathroom tiles are made from either porcelain or ceramic and come in a variety of designs for example they can be an interlocking panel tile and are generally much bigger then single brick slips, easier and quicker to install and although they look amazing and reflect real brick quite well, they don't offer the perfect aesthetics like Bathroom brick slips would.

The use of these types of tiles will create a warm and inviting environment for the bathroom with a modern urban finish!


Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Mosaics have always been at the forefront of bathroom design thanks to their ability to create a large impact with little use! Again a very popular choice for the bathroom with the use of mosaic bathroom tiles these can ass space to your room, their little intricate design and build allows for the appearance of thousands of little tiles in one place creating a larger canvas with minimal effort.

Unlike other options mosaics are notoriously expensive and we have some of the most exclusive mosaic tiles available world wide, with colours such as gold, copper and silver to name just a few!

If the expense of using mosaics in your whole bathroom puts you off, then consider the use of mosaic bathroom tiles as a feature rather then a complete wall covering this can be done by using mosaics to create a border around the permitter of maybe as s ingle strip in the centre of the bath!


Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Much like the floor, the use of patterned bathroom tiles has a close connection with water thanks to some of the designs and the consistent blues you will see across the range. Our range of patterned bathroom tiles can really create a focal point and an area of distinction within the bathroom, they can be colourful and playful or monochrome and nostalgic the variations are endless.

Our top tip when it comes to using patterned bathroom tiles for the walls is to ensure you stick with smaller designs and smaller tiles for the walls, anything too big and you may end up cutting off part of the design!.


Why Choose Us For Your Bathroom Tiles?

This is an easy one for us! The main reason our customers choose Applebys Tiles for their kitchen tiles is the size of the range. We do not believe it is possible to scroll through our extensive range of over 2000 different Bathroom tiles without a single one catching your eye! That should be enough reason and if it is not then...

Our customer service? We have changed the way customer service works we don't just offer a phone call, we offer Live Chat response with an average wait time of just 2 minutes, better yet your not going to be speaking to a robot or someone with little knowledge of the product and the industry.

All of our customer service team have extensive knowledge of our bathroom tiles, their uses and how to install them. They are not trained to try and sell or up-sell our tiles instead, they are all previous tilers with a total of 40 years tiling experience between them you can be sure the advice offered for our bathroom tiles will be comprehensive.

If you want to learn more about our range of Bathroom tiles then head over to our blog where we have plenty of guides surrounding their uses, installation and what works well, where!

We hope you find your perfect match today if not head over to our Live Chat and see how one of our representatives can help you!