Brick Effect Floor Tiles

Brick Effect Floor Tiles

No matter the room inside our outside the house, brick effect floor tiles will make an excellent addition to your interiors! Wether it be a cobbled path, bathroom floor or wet room feature, using a brick effect floor tile can give a naturally aesthetically perfect finish to your home!

With the largest range of brick effect floor tiles you can be sure our brick effect tiles give your room an artistic finish that is sure to meet your stylistic standards.

Why buy brick effect floor tiles from Appleby’s?

When designing a room such as a kitchen, there are a number of characteristics a tile must have to make their use easier. The brick effect floor tiles Appleby’s retails takes into consideration all of these requirements to give you the ideal tiles.

First and foremost the design, across the range of over 200 brick effect floor tiles and slips, there is a mix of interlocking panels for ease of installation to brick slip effect floor tiles all of which boast their own individual colour scheme making them perfect for homeowners looking to achieve a certain colour finish on their floors

Along with the design of the floor tiles is the effects, most of our brick effect tiles are more then just visual, this means they boast a 3D effect and are textured so when you run your feet along the tiles you can feel all the nooks and crannies you would expect to find on real bricks. For those looking for brick effect floor tiles that are easier to clean we also offer smooth face tiles

Our brick effect floor tiles are perfect for every room

With the largest range of brick effect floor tiles their will be the perfect brick effect tile for everyone from tough porcelain to delicate ceramic all of our brick effect floor tiles will stand the test of time in any environment, the porcelain brick effect tiles are of course better suited to areas of extreme temperature changes such as fireplace surrounds and externally where frost is present.

Due to the non-porous nature of porcelain and ceramic, our tiles will not stain if water or any other liquid is spilled on it.

Quality control is one thing we follow religiously, which is why we make sure our brick tiles are made of the best quality materials. We choose which tiles we retail, if we wouldn't use them ourselves then they won't be on our shop!

Available to fit all your needs

Moreover, our brick effect floor tiles are available for all the different areas within your home. From your walls to floors to even your archways Appleby’s provides these stunning tiles for all areas. We find most of our customers choose to use our brick effect tiles to create a stunning back drop feature wall in various rooms of the house.

The trend of using brick effect tiles in the home is a popular one. More and more people are designing their kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms according to this. This is proof that brick effect floor tiles are perfect for your home, there are not many other styles of tiles that allow you to pick something rustic looking, reclaimed looking or modern and urban but, it is all within this stunning collection! 

If brick effect tiles are not your first choice, Appleby's also retails brick slips to accommodate for all your requirements.

An aesthetically pleasing selection of brick effect floor tiles

If you are worried about these tiles blending in with the rest of your interior finishes, then you don't need to worry. Appleby's offers the largest selection of brick effect floor tiles in the UK. This makes us the best choice if the style is your first priority.

From rustic deep red colours to a range of urban black and silver colours and right through to a vast range of blue and white colours for a more minimalistic finish. Appleby’s will make sure our tiles fit your designs perfectly.

If you are going to be choosing Appleby’s be sure to keep your time slots open since you have a lot of designs to go through for your home.

Cost effective tiling solutions

At Appleby’s one thing we pride ourselves over is the incredibly high accessibility of all our tiles. Our brick effect floor tiles come in multiple different price ranges to make sure all home owners regardless of their budget can decorate their home with the best quality tiles.

Our prices start from the price range of £30-£45 per m2 for people who want beautiful tiles but don't want to break the bank however some of our tiles go all the way up to even more than £90 per m2 for people who are looking for something truly unique! This sets us apart from all your other choices as our prices fit all pockets.

Furthermore, the quality of the brick effect floor tiles Appleby’s retails does not fluctuate with its price. The only thing that varies is the design, not the overall quality of our product. This makes our brick effect tiles unique as normally the prices of such tiles due to their high quality is high.

Moreover, Appleby's also makes sure that the hidden costs of using tiles is taken care of. Due to the high-quality porcelain we use, the maintenance of our brick effect tiles will not make a dent in your budget as the tiles we design are durable and long lasting.

Some of our most popular brick effect floor tiles can be seen below and dont be fooled by the picture! All of the tiles displayed within this collection can be used on both floors and walls!


Above: Reclaimed Rustic Brick Effect Tile

Offering the real look and feel of a rustic reclaimed brick these tiles completely change the aesthetics of a room. They lighten the space whilst still creating a cosy and retro environment.

Each brick effect tile panel measures 48cm x 32cm and interlock as if like a puzzle in to one another making them really simple to install, they do not require spacers and a minimal amount of grout.

Because these tiles interlock it gives them a seamless brick design as if one brick runs in to another exactly as you would find on a period property. The tiles themselves don't just look amazing they are also incredible practical being a porcelain tile they can be installed in a variety of applications including around wood burners, fireplaces, showers, kitchens almost anywhere!


Above: Red Stone Brick Effect Tile

Our Red Stone Brick Effect Tile make are an amazing choice when considering brick effect floor tiles although, they can be used for so much more!

This brick effect tile offers a stunning mix browns, reds and pale oranges to create a beautiful replica of vintage red bricks

The Red Stone Brick Effect Tile are machine made and these are sold per m2 and our price includes VAT. There are 53 porcelain brick effect tiles to a m2  and each brick effect tile measures 25cm x 7.5cm to further replicate real large bricks. The depth of these tiles are half that of clay brick slips at just 10mm thick.


Above: Knightsbridge Clay Brick Effect Tile

These exclusive and luxury Knightsbridge clay brick slip is a work of art! The tile boasts multiple variations in both shades and textures. We believe this is the closest match to real brick you could find. These brick effect tiles are made from hard-wearing porcelain making them suitable for both internal and external use and look stunning as a brick effect floor tile, feature wall tile, kitchen wall tile and bathroom wall tile.

If you have any further queries about our brick effect floor tiles, our customer support is always available for your assistance and guidance. We want to make sure we are as helpful as possible.