Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles

Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles

One room in a house that doesn't seem important to decorate at first, but is as important as all the other rooms is the kitchen. Without having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen cooking wouldn't be as fun and would rather be dull. 

Our brick effect kitchen tiles give your kitchen an artistic look that is sure to meet your stylistic standards. 

Above is our Red stone brick effect tile, this tile is a perfect example of what can be achieved in the kitchen with the use of our brick effect tiles. You do not have to use brick slips and worry about the maintenance or labour, we believe effect tiles do the job just as well!

Why buy brick effect tiles from Appleby’s?

When designing a room such as a kitchen, there are a number of characteristics a tile must have to make their use easier. The brick effect kitchen tiles Appleby’s manufactures takes into consideration all of these requirements to give you the ideal tiles. 

Our tiles are perfect for a kitchen

The brick effect kitchen tiles Appleby’s manufactures are made of porcelain. This makes our tiles the ideal tiles for kitchens. Due to the non-porous nature of porcelain, our brick effect kitchen tiles will not stain if water or any other liquid is spilled on it. 

Since kitchens have a lot to do with water and liquids these tiles are best suited for kitchens. Our tiles are also strong and durable, which enables them to sustain a lot of foot traffic, which is likely to be the case in a kitchen. 

Quality control is one thing we follow religiously, which is why we make sure our brick effect kitchen tiles are made of the best quality porcelain. This is why they are very easy to maintain and the perfect tiles for your kitchen.


Available to fit all your needs

Moreover, our brick effect kitchen tiles are available for all the different areas within your kitchen. From your walls to floors to even your archways Appleby’s provides brick effect kitchen tiles for all areas. The area where these tiles fit perfectly is the splash back of your kitchen sink. 

The trend of using brick effect kitchen tiles as the splash back of your kitchen sink is a popular one. More and more people are designing their kitchens according to this. This is proof that brick effect kitchen tiles are perfect for your splash backs. Using brick effect kitchen tiles in this area will revitalise the look of your kitchen making it look elegant and aesthetically superior. 

If brick effect kitchen tiles are not your first choice, Appleby's also manufactures brick slips to accommodate for all your requirements.

An aesthetically pleasing selection of tiles

If you are worried about these tiles blending in with the rest of your designing, then you don't need to worry. Appleby's offers the largest selection of brick effect kitchen tiles in the UK. This makes us the best choice if the style is your first priority.

From rustic deep red colour to a range of black and silver colours to a range of blue and white colours Appleby’s will make sure our brick effect kitchen tiles fit your kitchen design perfectly. 

If you are going to be choosing Appleby’s be sure to keep your time slots open since you would have a lot of designs to go through for your kitchen.


Cost effective tiling solutions

At Appleby’s one thing we pride ourselves over is the incredibly high accessibility of all our tiles. Our brick effect kitchen tiles come in multiple different price ranges to make sure all individuals regardless of their budget can decorate their home with the best quality tiles. 

Our prices start from the price range of £30 per m2 for people with tight budgets and go all the way up to even more than £90 for people who can and are willing to spend extravagantly. This sets us apart from all your other choices as our prices fit all pockets. 

Furthermore, the quality of the brick effect kitchen tiles Appleby’s manufactures does not fluctuate with its price. The only thing that varies is the design, not the overall quality of our product. This makes our brick effect kitchen tiles unique as normally the prices of such tiles due to their high quality is high. 

Moreover, Appleby's also makes sure that the hidden costs of using tiles is taken care of. Due to the high-quality porcelain we use the maintenance of our brick effect kitchen tiles will not make a dent in your budget as the tiles we design are durable and long lasting.

If you have any further queries about our brick effect kitchen tiles, our customer support is always available for your assistance and guidance. We want to make sure we are as helpful as possible.