Brick Slips

Brick Slips

Where do we start with our brick slips! We are the single largest retailer of readily available brick slips, with a collection spanning over 200 different brick slips our collection is varied and extensive!

Brick slips have slowly transitioned from a product that was once =used to match up against older bricks in the use of extensions and garden walling however, the phenomenon of brick slips has taken a big bite out of the tile industry and it is incredibly easy to see why!

Brick slips have the capability to completely transform the aesthetics of ones home both inside and out, they can add age, charter and charisma to your home and have multiple uses and benefits.

There is a certain allure to a brick wall that makes the space magnetic and calming. However, installing a brick wall might be more expensive than you might think. Brick slips offer an affordable and manageable alternative to brick walls or, in most cases stripping a wall back to its original brick work.

Houses today are build with a rough facing brick that is never seen on the inside of the house so the quality and finish is not exactly...desirable as these are usually cladded in plasterboard, therefore using brick slips is the perfect way to get your home back to a rustic finish!

Brick slips can be installed anywhere to make space look more rustic. Appleby's tiles offer a grand list of designs and styles for brick slips at the most affordable rates so you can also create homely rustic space.


What are Brick Slips?

Bricks slips are made to mimic the rustic style and texture of real bricks. They are also made from the same material so they can have an authentic feel. Our brick slips are made from industrial concrete and clay (usually one or the other and the exact material is listed in the product specifications.

After which, they are cooked in fire-kilns to authentic burnt feel like bricks. Our brick slips are cut using the latest technology that allows them to have precise measurements and size (unless it is a reclaimed brick slip you are wanting in which case these will carry imperfections and tumbled edges) To get versatile textures and styles, our brick slip's primary material is mixed with natural colouring agents that can offer bright and bold finishes.


Practical Uses of Brick Slips

Brick slips are a modern solution to old issues, unlike bricks, they are easy to handle and maintain. They have various benefits depending on the manufacturer and the materials. Our brick slips have many practical uses and benefits, the importance of which are listed below:

  • Our modern technology allows the brick slips to be water-resistant. They are made to go through various procedures so they can be used indoors or outdoors without worrying about water damage. The water resistance allows our bricks to have hygienic properties as they hinder the growth of fungi, algae, etc.
  • Our brick slips are also compatible with underfloor heating so you can use them to keep the room warm in winters. They can also have very good heat-resistant, so they can be used as kitchen backsplashes and for fireplace tiling to give an authentic feel.
  • Our brick slips are also available at extremely cheap rates, which makes installing and replacing them an easier task. Unlike real bricks that are hard to transport and install, our brick slips can be easily handled.

Where can our brick slips be installed?

As we mentioned the uses for brick slips is limitless even going so far as to being able to use them on their side to create a cobbled floor covering, bathrooms, kitchens and so much more below is an extensive list of just some of the uses, benefits and how they can work in each area of the home. 

The areas listed below are the most popular areas that we find brick slips being used for.

Brick slips are also perfect for commercial uses and are widely used throughout the hospitality industry such as pubs, bars and hangouts!


Kitchen Brick Slips

Probably the most popular choice for brick slip application is within the kitchen. The kitchen is the place in the home where we tend to spend the most of our time wether that is cooking a lovingly made home-cooked meal or spending time with the family discussing the days events and the future plans.

We believe a kitchen should be cosy and there is no way of achieving a cosy finish more then with the use of kitchen brick slips, like all slips there are many varieties so there are a few things to consider when choosing kitchen brick slips such as light; is there much light coming in to the room? if there is then your open to the whole market if not, then go for a lighter colour such as yellows, whites, rustic whites and buffs. These colours will give you. light finish whilst still bringing in a cosy feel.

Another reason kitchen brick slips seem to be so popular at the moment is the in the use of cottages/farmhouses were the owners wish to strip the more modern decoration back to its traditional ways and this is incredibly easy with the introduction of brick slips.


Bathroom Brick Slips

Bathrooms again much like the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home so having a tactile and low maintenance wall covering is important but not as important as aesthetics. We believe the aesthetics is the most important factor of any interior decoration and bathroom brick slips offers the most exclusive aesthetic wall or floor covering.

When used in a bathroom we advise that our bathroom brick slips are lightly sealed, this protects against stains from oils from shapes, body washes and conditioner. Using a sealer will make the maintenance much easier.

When choosing a brick slip for the bathroom, again consider how much natural light the bathroom gets when choosing how dark you wish to go with your brick slip choice.

When designing your bathroom around the use of bathroom brick slips be considerate to the size of the space, decking every wall in brick slips can make the space feel smaller then what it is so we believe they work best as a feature usually tiling two walls with brick slips then the other walls painted or a white ceramic tile for contrast.


Feature Wall Brick Slips

Another extremely popular use for brick slips is to create feature walls. Feature wall brick slips can completely transform a space in to a place of calm, relaxation and cosiness!

Most popular is the use of feature brick slips within the living room, they make a fantastic back drop for the TV wall and look completely natural, The design styles of our brick slips means that you can match your brick slips to your existing interior. 

As a brick slips is designed around a mass occurring product (brick) it will naturally blend with any existing decoration. All of our brick slips are also fire rated A this means they are non-combustable taking the worry of heat damage away.

Although we mention using our Feature wall brick slips in the living room they can be used anywhere including the bedroom, conservatory, dining room or snug. The uses are endless but the impact is massive!


Fireplace Brick Slips

For centeruies fireplaces have been built with the use of brick from the fireplace hearth to the mantel and it is obvious as to why, they are completely resistant to the heat. Over the last 6 decades fireplaces have been phased our or replaced with plasterboard and electric radiators or electric fires.

We're a big lover of open fires and with the use of fireplace brick slips it is easy to transform your fireplace from the modern painted finish it currently is right back to its original finish!

You don't have to worry about the impact of having an open fire around our brick slips, as they are non-combustable they are completely safe, obviously one should expect just like any fireplace the burning embers will add scorch marks to the brick slips but that is what gives it is character!


External Brick Slips

This goes right back to their original pupose which, is providing a cladding solution to the exterior of properties! Our external brick slips are still great for this but you can be much more inventive with their uses.

Our external brick slips can offer an incredibly realistic brick finish to the likes of summer houses, garden rooms, pond surrounds and planters and even your garden walls!

Every brick slip is unique in its own right and we don't just mean the different products. The brick slips within each product are all varied from one another, even if just slightly this adds to the truly authentic appearance of them!


Popular Varieties of Brick Slips

Our store offers a huge variety of style and hue options for brick slips; they can be used indoors or outdoors to create stylized spaces. We offer various traditional brick slips that have natural shades of reds and browns. This style of brick slip has a matt and textured finish that mimic the real look bricks. Some of our traditional brick slips also offer a bloomed texture, which allows them to have burnt and used look.

We also offer a large range of modern style brick slips that offer a sleek and stylish finish. These tiles do not have much texture and have various other hues such as black, yellow, or grey. These tiles are also available with glazed finishes to give a more modern look. Glazed brick slips are popularly being used as backsplashes or to create accent walls.

Why Choose Us For Your Brick Slips?

This is an easy one for us! The main reason our customers choose Applebys Tiles for their brick slips is the size of the range. We do not believe it is possible to scroll through our extensive range of over 200 brick slips without a single one catching your eye! That should be enough reason and if it is not then...

Our customer service? We have changed the way customer service works we don't just offer a phone call, we offer Live Chat response with an average wait time of just 2 minutes, better yet your not going to be speaking to a robot or someone with little knowledge of the product and the industry.

All of our customer service team have extensive knowledge of our brick slips, their uses and how to install them. They are not trained to try and sell or up-sell our tiles instead, they are all previous tilers with a total of 40 years tiling experience between them you can be sure the advice offered for our brick slips will be comprehensive.

If you want to learn more about our range of brick slips than head over to our blog where we have plenty of guides surrounding their uses, installation and what works well, where!

We hope you find your perfect match today if not head over to our Live Chat and see how one of our representatives can help you!