Brown Bathroom Tiles

Brown Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home; it can drastically affect the mood of the user. A soulful Bathroom can calm the mind and can help you start your day in a better mood. One of the most captivating trends for bathrooms in 2019 is rustic brown flooring with minimalistic cabinetry and backsplash. From traditional to chic modern, Appleby’s offers a large variety of brown bathroom tiles, so you create your work are that will represent your personality and mood.


Bathroom Flooring and Wall Trends In 2019

Years ago, there was a need for heavy wooden cabinetry and fixtures. Now, it is quite different; the bathroom in 2019 have a completely different outlook that has changed to suit the growing modern demand. Bathroom is a focal point of visitors and home-owners as it can bring the whole day together. If it is not up-to-date or lack’s personality, it can ruin the most important meal of the day as well.

On the other hand, gaudy flooring and wall designs can make the bathroom look cold and uninviting, which is why modern dynamics demand simple and warm designer options. brown bathroom tiles offer a simple and clean modern finish to homes, and it gives a warm and natural aesthetic to space as well.

Brown bathroom tiles can also be combined with other types of sophisticated designs to create feature walls or transition flooring. These practicalities and unique aesthetics have brought brown bathroom tiles in good graces of design experts in 2019. To suit the growing demand, Appleby also offers a wide variety of design and style options for brown bathroom tiles.

Versatile Design Options for Brown Bathroom Tiles at Appleby’s

The addition of minimalistic technology in the bathroom has made the area appear quite smart, but less inviting. Brown bathroom tiles transform this space to give an alluring and rustic appeal that can be mixed and matched with all sort of design options.

For flooring, we offer top quality designs for brown bathroom tiles. One of the best sellers is the wood effect brown bathroom tiles that have an authentic wooden finish. Our wood effect tiles replicate the veins and knots of hardwood through HD technology, which allows a crisp and lifelike design.  Concrete, encaustic, and terracotta effect brown brown tiles are also a crowd favourite of designers as they fulfil a specific appeal. We offer various shapes and sizes of these tile designs so they can be used to create modern or vintage installation patterns as well.

For walls, we offer encaustic and pattern effect brown bathroom tiles that can be used to create eye-catching backsplashes. The pattern and encaustic tiles are a popular option to create a vintage and retro walls in bathrooms as they offer various style and size options. You can also go the minimalistic approach and use simple brown marble effect tiles to give a more modern look.


Why Choose Appleby’s Brown Bathroom Tiles

Our tile design options offer more than aesthetic and eye-catching appeal; they are also made to be incredibly durable so they can look just as gorgeous after months of usage. Our wood effect brown bathroom tiles are made with withstand wear and tear of bathroom bustle, which is why they are the perfect practical and aesthetic option for modern home-owners. They are also water-resistant, anti-slip, scratch-resistant, and can be maintained without fuss.

Grand Designs with at Affordable prices

Life is hectic enough as it is which is why Appleby’s offers the best choices for you to create the perfect bathroom. We offer a wide variety of design options for brown bathroom tiles so you can also create a modern personalized home. We aim to provide top quality products at budget-friendly rates so people of all backgrounds can build their dream home.

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