Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

When choosing which tiles to use for any of your rooms within your home, you would naturally want to choose ones that are unique yet look beautiful to all eyes. The concrete effect bathroom tiles Applebys manufactures are top of the line and will most definitely appeal to your aesthetic requirements.

The trend of concrete effect bathroom tiles

Over the years interior designing for homes has evolved and changed and is no longer set in stone. No longer do people only use glossy finish ceramic tiles in their bathrooms. 

Giving an urban finish to your home and especially to your bathrooms via concrete effect bathroom tiles is one of the upcoming trends. The use of concrete effect bathroom tiles has doubled over the last 12 months since people are trying more and more to give their home a unique touch. 

These concrete effect bathroom tiles are a perfect mix of tones that are calming and give your home an urban finish, which sets it apart from other interiors. This is because concrete is a type of material that is closely associated with the outside world due to it being a natural product. 

With concrete effect bathroom tiles one can create a ‘system,’ a single tile of immense quality, which can be used indoors and outdoors for a natural transition. 

Why should Applebys be your first choice?

Since everyone has a strong yet unexplainable connection with their home, they always want the best that they can get for it. No matter which room you are designing you want every single one to look beautiful and appealing to your eyes. Applebys designs it’s concrete effect bathroom tiles to appeal to your stylistic requirements, and hence you cannot go wrong by choosing it.

What is different about Applebys concrete effect bathroom tiles?

Our take on standard concrete effect bathroom tiles makes them unique and completely distinct from our competitors. We provide a wide variety of artistic designs within our concrete effect bathroom tile selection to make sure that you can have quality choices to choose from. 

Applebys provides for you oxidised concrete colours, copper and blue finishes, rectified edges and even tiles that measure 1.2 meters. Our variety of concrete effect bathroom tiles any tiles for that matter is what makes us the best choice for anyone designing their home. 

From Taggart silver travertine effect tiles to beige concrete effect tiles to stock black concrete effect tiles, Applebys is there to give any design you want. Moreover, our concrete effect bathroom tiles come in gloss and matt finish to make sure you get exactly what you want. If variety is what appeals to you, Applebys will be your favourite place to shop from.

Tiles to fit all budgets

At Applebys we aim to make sure that our products are accessible to people from all kinds of monetary budgets. From people who want the best for their homes for the lowest prices to people who can and willing to spend a lot on their homes, our products cater to all people. Accessibility is key when it comes to the manufacturing process of Applebys. 

This is why our concrete effect bathroom tiles are available for prices as low as £13.49 for the Plaistow Mosaic Matt finish concrete effect tilefor example. Our prices go as high as over £149 if you are an extravagant buyer.

Applebys prides itself over its ability to cater to customers with all kinds of budgets and provide for them the same quality product regardless of the pricing.

Quality control

We aspire to provide for our customers the highest quality concrete effect bathroom tiles. These tiles are made of the best quality porcelain, which gives them their non-porous nature, which makes them easy to maintain. 

Due to their low, almost non-existent porosity and an anti-slip rating of R10 our concrete effect bathroom tiles are perfect for bathrooms. 

Since tiles are exposed to a lot of water and moisture in bathrooms, our tiles are perfect for such circumstances. 

Furthermore, they are available for all kinds of uses whether it be for splashbacks for your sinks or anti-slip tiles for your floors. Applebys makes sure that its products are suitable for the particular requirements that our customers have so they are fully satisfied after they acquire our services.

For further details, our customer service is available to guide you with regards to your choices alongside our blog, which will give you all the information you need.