Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

If uniqueness is your priority when it comes to designing your kitchen, then concrete effect kitchen tiles are the best choice you have. The concrete effect kitchen tiles Appleby’s retails will most definitely fit all your requirements, stylistic and utility based.

The trend of concrete effect kitchen tiles

Over the course of many years, interior designing has evolved and changed. Which tiles you should use for specific areas is not set in stone anymore. People don't opt for the basic glossy ceramic tiles for their kitchens anymore. 

Instead, they go for giving their kitchens an urban touch with concrete effect kitchen tiles. The use of these tiles has doubled over the last 12 months, for a good reason too. Concrete effect kitchen tiles are perfect for giving your kitchen an urban and industrial look. They are a mix of tones that are soothing and achieve that urban finish for your kitchen. 

Since concrete is a material that is generally associated with the outside world concrete effect kitchen tiles can create a system of a natural transition from the outside to the inside. 

These tiles are perfect specifically for your kitchens since they create that correlation between the natural beauty of outside and the warmth of your interiors. The aesthetic quality of concrete effect kitchen tiles is what succeeds in giving your kitchen the urban finish you require to make sure you have a smile on your face when you cook, socialise or even just unwind over a glass of wine.

Why should Appleby’s be your your choice ?

Even though concrete effect kitchen tiles are perfect for your kitchen, who you buy those tiles from matters. The quality of concrete effect kitchen tiles you get and the price you get them at will vary from different retailers. Appleby’s aspires to make sure that it is the best in all those aspects and we ensure we always have the largest collection.

What is different about Appleby’s?

Appleby’s has a unique take on concrete effect kitchen tiles. We take the requirement of an aesthetically superior tile very seriously. This is why our concrete effect kitchen tiles are available in a variety of different artistic designs. 

Our oxidised concrete colours, ranging from copper to blue finished are sure to make your kitchen look exactly like you want. Furthermore, the concrete effect kitchen tiles we retail are tailor-made to fit all areas in a kitchen. 

This is why they even come in 1.2m designs, which can be important for your kitchen if tiling a large area you want to reduce those grout lines as much as possible to create a seamless finish. Our tiles are also designed for kitchen splash-backs to make sure no area is left uncovered. 

Furthermore, we understand why your kitchen might need to match the rest of your home in terms of the design of your tiles. This is why our concrete effect kitchen tiles come in a range of different designs, colours, sizes and even patterns to make sure that your kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing. The designs that our tiles come in are ones that are best suited for a kitchen, which makes our concrete effect tiles kitchen specific. 

From taggart silver concrete effect tiles to encaustic concrete effect tiles. Appleby’s will make sure all your aesthetic needs are fulfilled. Specifically for your kitchens, there are multiple design combinations you can use, from using a mixture of contemporary and industrial to large format tiles for your archways. 


Above: Dove Grey Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

Concrete effect tiles are designed to function in a kitchen.

Understanding that these tiles are going to be used in kitchens, we have made sure they can survive that atmosphere. Appleby's uses the best quality porcelain to make our concrete effect kitchen tiles. 

With some boasting an anti-slip rating of R10 and negligible porosity, our tiles are perfect for a kitchen. This is because in a kitchen tiles are exposed to a lot of water, foot-traffic, spills and muddy shoes! not forgetting all other liquids that end up all over your splashback. 

The low porosity of our concrete effect kitchen tiles makes sure that they don’t stain if exposed to liquids and are durable. While the high anti-slip rating makes sure that you are safe and secure while cooking.


Above: Stromy Mulled Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

Low prices high quality

At Appleby's, we take the accessibility of our products very seriously. This is why our concrete effect kitchen tiles are available for all budgets. Our prices start from as low as £19.99 per m2 and go as high as more than £129.99

The quality of these tiles, however, is top notch for all price ranges to make sure everyone gets the best product. If you want reasonably priced, high-quality concrete effect kitchen tiles Appleby’s is the best you can get.

For further inquiries contact our customer support for guidance with all your tile choices.