Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles

Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles

This season create that appealing look in your household with our pleasant collection of Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles. If the interior spaces of your home are looking for your attention, then we have got a good suggestion for giving the best of the makeover to it. Craft that stylish statement in your household by acquainting it with some embellished innovative floor tiles! This charismatic vintage collection is picture-perfect for fashioning an ornamental statement floor in any type of living space, kitchen or bathroom area. You can also use it in the entranceway of your home to form that magnificent first impression to your friends and guests.


The Renaissance in popularity of the Encaustic Tile

During the Victorian Era “Encaustic Tile”, initially, known as the “Inlaid Tiles” (in the medieval period) became very popular. The word “Encaustic” derives from Ancient Greek word giving the significance of “burning in”. It was initially defined as an industrialized process that involved painting tiles with a special kind of paint called beeswax. After that, this paint used to be fixed with the process of heating. Until the 19th century, the word “Encaustic Tile” was not brought into its main use when the matter was about describing the tiles. According to the folk history, the Victorians assumed that mixing the dualistic color tiles will resemble the enamel work diligently and then the call was taken to name it as “encaustic”. Regardless of the technical error faced by the Victorians, the word “encaustic tile” has been commonly used for quite a long time that now it has become an acknowledged name in the industry to term this sort of inlaid tile work.   

The Encaustic tiles (inlaid tiles) have got two specific periods of wide acceptance. In the 13th century, the first period of interest came back and sustained till the 16th century whereas the second upsurge of the interest was seen in the 19th Century after the encaustic tiles caught the thoughts of the craftsmen during the “Gothic Revival” design era. After many experiments and error being done, the manufacturers and craftsmen of this era accomplished to produce these tiles on a large mass scale, and they were made obtainable to the common public.

The Encaustic Effect Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles – A Present Substitute

One of the shortcomings of the Encaustic tile that is mass-produced in the old-fashioned way is the cost. With multifaceted manufacture comes a bigger price. Thus, since 1926, H & E Smith have worked with the tiles and they are overjoyed to bring it to the marketplace with a wide range of Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles that has won all the design summaries of outdated Encaustic tiles, but along with the cost investments and sensibleness of the porcelain tiles.

The Vintage charm: Victorian style floor tiles for your Home

It’s the amalgamation of attraction and purpose that made the ceramic encaustic tiles more alluring during the Victorian age, and with the long-term nature and creative decorations still just as tempting in the contemporary world, more and more property holders (homeowners) are integrating this sort of vintage style in their decor whereas the genuine Victorian entrance tiles might not be the right choice in 2017, decorating your home with Victorian style floor tiles conveys that you can adore the look of the passed time in the 21st century.

Whether you’re enhancing the boundaries of the entrance hallway or are covering the room as a whole, Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles are certain to add honest charisma to your home – without blustering off your budget.

Moorish vibes: Go for Moroccan style tiles

Tiles are chief attraction for the Moroccan themed interiors, so include lively tones into your apartment with purposeful flooring style or reflect drawing thoughtfulness to dissimilar facets of the room by emphasizing the window frames and doors with the geometric patterned tiles. Pair it with smart upholstered furniture, the intrepid contrast of the shade that comes along with the Mediterranean style tiles will improve the ambiance of the room by creating lavishness and opulent Moorish-themed aesthetic feel. Decorate the space with old Moroccan textiles and trustworthy copper lanterns, and soon you will be lounging in your very personal well-appointed Moroccan paradise.

Cool and modern-day: patterned floor tiles

Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles are the state-of-the-art inner design trend, and with the acceptance of these tiles, the geometric patterned floor tiles are a must-have for the serenest of the present-day homes. For an uncluttered and colorless home, try considering fashioning an iconic feature floor that combines several dissimilar shades of grey and pale blues, to change that plain contrast which will surely come with your audacious white and black décor.

Whether you are considering adding some old-fashioned atmosphere in your home or rejoicing the assortment of Moorish culture, the Encaustic Effect Floor Tiles are certain to give the desired aesthetic feel to your home that you have been visualizing of. Opting for the encaustic effect tiles is not only low-priced than a reliable substitute, but they probably have the enduring nature and polished finish that your home ask for.