Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles

Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles

Be it about color or design, the Encaustic or its replica ranges, are full of liveliness and assortment. These inspired ranges of tiles bring audacious yet pleasant-sounding proclamations within the homes. They have a tendency of getting that desired attention to be the heart of your home, and thus vigilant presentation wants your focus to draw that noteworthy space in your living area.

At the end of 2016, both the Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles and Encaustic tiles turned out to be immensely popular, and in 2017, they became all set to take their targeted place in the tile market. So, if you love to get more of the ideas then do read this article till the end as we will cover all the things about the prehistoric design and observe its present-day resurgence. 

A great mixture of the subdued colors that goes effortlessly with any sort of organization, they are perfect model for delivering your room an upper hand of the old-fashioned style. It doesn’t matter if you are modernizing a Victorian build home, or you just want to add that old-style look into the modern structure, the Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles are just the right choice that you have been looking for.

What does Encaustic stands for? 

The word ‘encaustic’ is not so pleasing, and barely has it had that capacity to charm up the pictures of attractiveness and gracefulness. The term was coined from a sort of a ‘lost wax’ metallic enameling procedure where the wax mould used to be burned with the support of the molten metal so that beautiful designs could be created. These Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles have correspondingly beautiful forms and designs as well that copies the process of enameling. 

Making of this Tile:

What Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles have to offer you straightaway? They can offer you the period of the Victorian era. As they are produced in a very precise way the copper frame made from it represents the framework of the completed design of the tile. It is then placed in the base of the mould of the tile. After this, the mixture of the wet cement, natural stone dust and the color tincture is transferred into the diverse sections of that related copper frame. 

Once the copper frame is detached from the mixture, the final tile design that is located at the base of the mould is left with its final shape and poles apart colors. Finally, cement is transferred on its top, and then the mould is constrained.  What you get? - A good-looking, encaustic tile effect luxurious home; perfectly fit for the Victorian hall.


If you are making your mood to refresh the interior of your home, you are perhaps delving into the up-to-the-minute decorating styles! We all want to create that stylish look, right? Consequently, familiarizing you with the Encaustic effect wall Tiles!

The recent recovery of the encaustic-inspired collections is just because of their flexibility and the unrestricted range of tones, textures, coloring composition, and likely colors. They are in the same way charming as any wall or floor tiles, presenting the anticipated atmosphere and appeal from rustic to urban, homely to retro, pleasurable to sophistication spaces. They offer a good-looking feature to your interiors.

Where to use?

Over the preceding years, Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles have gained more popularity, and it’s not that difficult to see, why. They're picture-perfect for familiarizing attractiveness into the wall. You can fashion a floor statement along with a feature wall in your home by changing the overall look of your home. 

Many of the designers pick to decorate the essential fragments of the walls as well as the floors with lively encaustic tiles. The decorated encaustic effect tiles will definitely permit you to craft that magnificent statement. Along with it, you can include your personal style into your home.  A well-designed wall will always be the central point, an attractive representation of the home.

Why you should go for Encaustic effect tiles? 

Although, the actual encaustic tiles are just appropriate to be used on the floor, because of their weight; but, at present, these tiles are also being used on the walls. You can use it to craft an appealing splish-splash in your kitchen area or dining hall.

The only problematic thing with the encaustic tiles is that they are a bit expensive. That's why one mostly goes for the genuine encaustic effect tiles. With all the appeal of outdated encaustic tiles, you can get this aspect in your home, but just with a portion of the price tag.

You can consider the Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles also because it is made from the combination of cement and the stone dust, as the real encaustic tiles are spongy in nature. But with the ceramic replacements you can merely  wipe it clean!