Encaustic Kitchen Tiles

Imagine going to just one website that offers every encaustic kitchen tile on the market......Weclome because we are that shop, with an extensive collection of 250 encaustic effect kitchen tiles there really is no other option! We think this is the most important room in the house; it's the place we all go to to socialise, cook dinner and talk the days worries away. Importantly, when choosing encaustic effect tiles for the kitchen, particularly the floor, we advise you to head towards anti-slip tiles. Tiles are the most efficient kitchen floor covering, they are completely waterproof and when installed correctly offer a guarantee against leaks, mould, and property damage. This is why tiles have always been the favoured choice when it comes to kitchens. Now kitchen tiles have been made to offer beauty, peace and of course functionality. Remember when it comes to pattern floor tiles for the kitchen, avoiding a visual disturbance is a must for these smaller spaces, so we on the contrary opt for a larger format encaustic effect tile as the best course of action. Then, either continuing the same tile up a wall in the kitchen as a splash back, or breaking the floor tiles up with a contrasting plain tile for the kitchen walls. Most kitchens contain a consistent colour; floor cupboards, wall cupboards etc, so to stay in line with the colours and so as to not create a vast contrast, it may be well to stick to monochrome coloured patterned tiles. These tiles offer the beauty of patterned tiles but without being in your face and without taking the whole design of the bathroom away. Instead, they look authentic to the overall bathroom design. To get a real gist of how important the bathroom is and how a bathroom should look with encaustic effect tiles, we have scoured many boutique hotels who prize themselves on their captivating bathrooms and make this room the focal point of the hotel package. One thing you notice when using these hotels is how much of an impact their choice in tile design can make! Every hotel needs to offer something special, something different; they don't want to follow the crowd, they want to offer that unique experience that you will remember! So, why is your bathroom not the same? Why don't you have that incredibly intricate hexagon bathroom tile or that geometric shower tile? The choice is up to you, but you're already reading this collection description and are intrigued by the beauty of encaustic effect tiles, so take the plunge and create the kitchen interior you have always desired. As always there are many design choices to consider when choosing encaustic kitchen tiles and below are a few very fitting pattern bathroom tile designs. And if you need any help or advice choosing the best encaustic kitchen tiles tiles then head over to our live chat and getting speaking to one of our expert tile advisors!