Geometric Bathroom Tiles

From 3D Cubes to Rustic Pastel colours, our extensive range of geometric bathroom tiles are sure to have a pattern and colour scheme to suit all!

As far as geometric is concerned, it has seen a sharp increase thanks to the influx of modern/retro designs. The designs were originally seen in many homes mid-century and have made a full U turn and are now sitting proud in our virtual shop window.

What truly makes a great geometric bathroom tile is the individual purchasing it, a geometric tile can consist of an irregular shape such as a hexagon or, a patterned tile or even an illusion tile ( 3D cubes and diamonds))

The use of Geometric Bathroom Tiles are ideal for those that want that statement in their homes wether that be a feature wall in the bedroom, a complete bathroom renovation or a delicate splash back in the kitchen, the uses and possibilities re endless.

We hope you take some inspiration with our geometric bathroom tiles and if you have any questions about our tiles or howe best to use them, please feel free to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives who will be more then happy to help you.