Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles

Whether you are designing a brand new room or giving and existing one a new refreshing look, Appleby’s supply a wide range of geometric tiles perfect for making any design unique. Our geometric tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles! From a class triangular look, to something more inventive and 3D, Appleby’s range of geometric tiles will have the perfect design for you - all at affordable prices!

Why choose geometric tiles?

Tiling your walls or floors creates a hassle-free, low maintenance alternative to decorating your home. Due to the frequent use of domestic spaces it is important to look for suitable products when deciding how to design your home. Geometric tiles will provide an incredibly low maintenance option, with its easy to clean and water-resistant qualities, while also adding style and colour to your surroundings. Maintain a sleek and high quality finished look and explore Appleby’s collection of geometric tiles.

Style ideas for your geometric tiles

When deciding how to design your bathroom walls it can be hard to know how to balance a flawless style with practicality. However, finding the perfect mix between the two can be surprisingly easy. Bathroom floor tiles can be used to add some colour or provide a smarter surrounding, while still being practical and hard-wearing. You’ll find a tiling solution that suits your needs perfectly within the Appleby’s bathroom wall tile collection.