Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass Bathroom Tiles

The use of glass tiles in bathrooms drives back hundreds of years due to their tolerance against water and reflecting luminous light properties. We provide a wide range of glass bathroom tiles which you can use to upgrade the looks of your bathroom and even kitchen! The manufactures incorporate vivid pigments with the melted glass or use the color mix on the surface to give a shaded touch to it. Both these procedures are highly effective as they avoid color loss and fading. The durable feature of the tiles makes them apt for all room types and design inspirations. If you wish to create a mural or detailed feature wall within your house; then we would suggest using glass tiles. A little mix and match of these with other tiles like mosaic can end up with impressive final looks. 


Exclusive look with glass bathroom tiles

Glass tiles are ideal for you if you wish to make your house look extravagant; sometimes glass bathroom tiles have given better looks than the usual porcelain or ceramic tiles. Our selection of tiles will assist you pretty well; whether it is one of a kind mosaic look or geometric patterned look, you can achieve any of these by using glass tiles. To create a special place in your residence like a bathroom, laundry area or also kitchen then you have found your resolve.

Use of glass bathroom tiles

If you have heard the term- "glass bathroom tiles" for the first time, then don't worry you are among hundreds of others. These tiles are heavily used in bathrooms and it is necessary that you find the 'perfect' tiles for your Zen house. These tiles, that you pick, should be non-slippy; who would want to slip while they are having relaxing minutes of the day. This could keep you and your dear ones safe from any harm. 

Using glass bathroom tiles can make your bathroom, from plain dull space, a modern oasis; place them in and out of the shower stall, the area surrounding the vanity. The tiles tie the separate elements of your bath-area together and make a comforting environment to dress up every morning. You can think about filling in your shower stall walls with these or maybe go different and make a feature wall.


Benefits of using glass bathroom tiles

glass bathroom tiles provide an extraordinarily freshening look. Our vivid tiles have bijou hues that give an imitable chance to make an awe-inspiring shower and its surroundings. Use all the different color options; the blue, the green, and numerous more in the kitchen or bathroom to come up with a stylish oceanic last-look. Such personalized looks relax your mind functions the moment you step in; they are a way of doing something new with your normal surrounds. 

  • These tiles are manufactured in mosaic sizes, in a matte finish, which makes them perfect for floors; grouting junctions provide friction to the smooth floors. 
  • Glass tiles ask for less upkeep, you just need a traditional window cleaner and a rag.
  • Since they do not let water stay on their surface, chances of stains are decreased.
  • Ideal for giving a unique appearance to your personal spaces; with a wide range of colors and sizes to select from.
  • Light reflection makes space look larger than its original size.
  • These tiles are translucent, the reason why your selected tile color shines out so well and does not wash off easily; adds an edge to your space. 

This mixture of glass and tile defines the flawless combination. These glass bathroom tiles can be used to make a colored backsplash and white metro tile trimmings to stabilize the look.

From huge ornamental pieces to small geometric mosaics, at Appleby's, we have the widest array of wall tiles made by or including glass. Stunning reflectivity is one of the top properties of glass and is simple to clean. 

Glass Bathroom Tiles by Appleby’s Tiles

glass bathroom tiles are like 'numero uno!' choice when its paired down to bathroom remakes. These are produced in are incalculable shades, shapes, sized and textures. A shiny hot bathtub with glass bathroom tiles as backdrop or accent add on can make a wondrous change.  

We never jeopardize with grade-A quality production of all our goods. It is our duty to make sure all who wish for a decoratively-comfy house can have access to these products; in a cost-effective manner. We guarantee the best possible rates for this quality product; our tile range is not the same as the other makers.