Glass Kitchen Tiles

Glass Kitchen Tiles

Giving a new finish to your space not only rejuvenates your inner sense but it also gives your home a new lift that it has wanted from you. Just as you care for your skin, if you pay attention to your home as well, it will thank you for years- as beautifying it enhances its life for a longer run.

If you are in the mood to give your home a makeover- especially a kitchen area where gathering usually takes place then get the beautiful glass kitchen tiles for your space.

Decorate the most visited area of the home with stylish glass kitchen tiles and give this space the tiling effect that will help you to transform its image into a completely new one.

If you are bored with the same usual style of old fashioned ceramic tiles  and are finding yourself in a water-tight situation of those worn-out peeled wallpaper or even the boring wooden cladding- get yourself rid of them by bringing a new style to your space.

Add glass kitchen tiles – Aka Add real style in your space!


What’s better - Ceramic or glass kitchen tiles?

Confused, what’s better? We are here to help you. Though ceramic tiles are time and again considered the best choice for your kitchen, it calls for a lot of get-up-and-go movement (for its production). Thus, going for the glass kitchen tiles is the best and the most effective way option for ceramic tiles.

glass kitchen tiles are transparent to some extent that mirrors sufficient light making your kitchen look larger than dense ceramic tile would ever have. These tiles are even less absorbent than the ceramic tiles helping you to fight back with those tough stains and dreaded fungus.


Few Drawbacks but yet effective

Though glass kitchen tiles are liked by many, it has a few drawbacks as well. They are usually more costly than the ceramics tiles, and a careless job may just finish the clean artistic feel that the glass kitchen tiles offer. However, they are impartially hard-wearing; glass kitchen tiles are likely to get scratches without proper care.


What Colors, Shapes, and Sizes of Glass Kitchen Tiles you want to go with?

They are available for backsplashes in every sort of color you can imagine them to be in. When going for shapes they go beyond the typical format, or the prevalent underpass tile pattern. glass kitchen tiles come in different types of patterns such as they go for more of traditional structures such as rectangular four-sided shapes and ornamental edge sections. They are even accessible in bigger pieces so that you can get a slight and a neat look.

Colors that you can go with coming in white and black, natural beige, green to bright lustrous purple, red and blue. Some glass kitchen tiles also show off complicated surface designs that have a look of crystal or they offer a matte look. You may place the combination of the glass tiles with the white lustrous marble for that awesome look.


Glass kitchen tiles for the splashback

So, now if you have made up your mood of upgrading your kitchen space then adding these contrasting modern mosaics will surely add variety and feel to any space of your desired area. You can use the glass kitchen tiles for protecting the walls from accidental splashing, spills or you can simply make use of the backsplash at any wall by adding that extra touch of appeal to your space. The wide-ranging collection of the beautiful glass tile will surely turn everyone’s head. Once done with it, you are sure to be bombarded with lots of compliments in your current decor.


Do not forget to select the theme part for your space that will enhance its beauty more, such as metallic, wood or Moroccan. If you are the person who wants to go for stylish yet budget-friendly options (From contemporary mosaics to trendy glass brick tiles) then you will love Appleby’s collection for sure. They keep everything in mind if it comes to their customers. And, yes, if you love to go with superior tile varieties, you will have plenty of options to go with!


You don’t have to negotiate on quality with Appleby's Tiles as well. So, go and get the glass tiles for your home as they are just- so perfect to help you create that high-class look for your space.