Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Looking to create a stunning wall or floor covering in your bathroom? Then our collections of Hexagon Bathroom Tiles will have something to suit! Our collection contains over 150 hexagon bathroom tiles, making us the latest retailer of hexagon tiles in the UK.

Hexagon bathroom tiles are perfect for creating a unique and eye-catching floor or wall covering. Our range of hexagon tiles include every variation you could want from marble effect, wood effect and even handmade hexagon tiles.

Hexagon bathroom tiles really let you show your personality through interior design, whether you choose a textured hexagon tile or an encaustic effect tile, they will be sure to show your personality.

Below are some of the questions we get asked with regards to our range of hexagon bathroom tiles.

Why are people using hexagon tiles?

People use hexagon tiles for many reasons. We see at the moment that hexagon tiles are taking the lead in tile trends. Similar to the metro tile 3-5 years ago, the hexagon tile has been reinvented using the latest technology available to create incredible designs and finish. This has made interior designers, architects and home owners experiment with this six-sided shape tile and the results are amazing.

Hexagonal tiles are also known as hexagonal tiles or honeycomb tiles, but the basis of the tile is a six sided tile. The tiles are able to offer geometric charm to any home, office or commercial property without having to bring forward patterns or textures, the shape alone is enough to make it the perfect bathroom tile. 

What to consider

There are a few minor details to consider when using a hexagon bathroom tile, mainly the application. When considering installing our range of hexagon bathroom tiles, remember that the bathroom floor can become wet, so we wouldn't advise using a gloss tile as these can become slippery. Instead, we have a large range of anti-slip hexagon tiles which make the perfect floor covering. If however, gloss tiles are more your thing, then the other alternative is to use a floor matt.

What about for the walls? The whole collection is your oyster. All of our tiles are suitable to be installed on the walls so you could go with a plain hexagon tile with a stunning feature wall of hexagon mosaics or make it completely your own with a mix of many different colours.

Our hexagon tiles are just the thing. Equally suited to walls and floors, these six-sided tiles are extremely versatile in terms of design - making them a welcome addition to any wall or floor within the bathroom.

Hexagon bathroom tiles are always in high demand, due to their timeless aesthetic and offbeat charm. If you need any help with choosing the perfect tiles or even any advice, feel free to get in contact with us and one of our specialists will be more than happy to assist you!