Kitchen Brick Slips

Brick Slips are sometimes referred to as a brick effect tile however, we believe these to be slightly different. A brick slip is a tile that is either cut from a purpose made brick to usually a 15-20mm thickness, which makes them workable. Sometimes, brick slips are purpose made and manufactured using the same process as you would with bricks but just thinner.

Installing kitchen brick slips

Kitchen Brick slips make the perfect addition to that newly installed kitchen or even that one that just needs a little more character to fit in with your home. Although listed as a kitchen brick slip, the uses are limitless and can be used in any room inside the home.

All of our feature wall brick slips come with a sample option; please note these samples may take up to 5 working days to be delivered.

Brick Slips can be made from various materials, usually clay, concrete, recycled materials and porcelain.

The brick slips we offer are frost resistant and are suitable to be used as an external brick slip. Our bricks slips conform to BS EN 771-1 F2, which means they have been tested and have achieved British Standard Certification.

Most of our customers use our brick slips to create a fire surround or to tile a chimney breast etc, so we ensure that our brick slips meet and exceed building standards. Our brick slips are A rated, this means that they are non-combustible and will not catch fire should an open flame be exposed to them.

You can read more about our brick slips here