Metro Bathroom Tiles

When choosing new tiles for your bathroom people commonly think that the best choice is a durable tile, something plain, simple and bound to last a lifetime! but we believe it should be so much more than that! Having a beautiful bathroom is just as important as having a practical bathroom especially as it is one of the most used rooms within the home! You don't have to be elaborate and plaster the walls in a patterned tile or even a brick tile. Instead a simple, classy and cost effective solution is to use metro bathroom tiles. Metro tiles got given their name because of the heavy use of this brick shaped tile in underground stations around the world. Originally installed in the early 20th Century, these were used in metro systems including Paris, London, Moscow and New York. Originally it was just a plain white flat tile that was incredibly easy to work with and cheap to manufacture and distribute. If it is a versatile and long lasting tile your looking for, these are still standing in tunnels over 100 years old so you can be sure you won't be chasing your new metro bathroom tiles anytime soon! Within our vast collection of metro tiles there is something for everyone, from the original flat white metro to colourful bevelled metro tiles and everything in between. We understand that every home and every person is different so its important to have a metro bathroom tile that not only suits your home, but suits you which is why our ever growing collection now consists of over 200 different metro tiles. What makes metro tiles stand out particularly is their ability to be mixed and matched with others of a different shade to create a unique and playful design. Picking the right tile the first time can be difficult so why not add a refundable sample to cart to see it up close and personal. Or if you have your mind set, speak to one of our experts who can advise you of the best matching tiles, best materials to use or even assist in tile design. We hope you find what your looking for in our collection!