Mosaic Floor Tiles

Mosaic floor tiles

Appleby’s supply a stunning range of mosaic floor tiles, available at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for practicality or style, our mosaic floor tiles offers the best of both worlds in your home. Shop our range and discover the right mosaic floor tile for you.

Versatile style of mosaic floor tiles

Mosaic floor tiles offer versatility in their colour and style, allowing you to effortlessly design the floors in any room of the house. Available in matt and gloss finishes, mosaic tiles offer a low maintenance alternative for your floor - they are easy to clean while still providing a water-resistant quality. Appleby’s collection of mosaic floor tiles is sure to include and provide the perfect style to suit you, with styles in the traditional square and more modern hexagon pattern.

How to use your mosaic floor tiles

Use your mosaic floor tiles in a variety of ways - decide between covering the entirety of the floor through your household rooms, or simply tiling one area around units to create a feature point. There really is an abundance of design ideas and inspiration when it comes to mosaic floor tiles. Create a timeless, eye-catching floor and explore Appleby’s mosaic floor tile collection.