Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Imagine going to just one website that offers every patterned tile on the market in every shape, colour and finish......Welcome because we are that shop, with an extensive collection of 250 patterned kitchen tiles there really is no other option! We think this is the most important room in the house; it's the place we all go to socialise, discuss the days problems and make our pans for the future! Importantly, when choosing patterned tiles for the kitchen, particularly the floor, we advise you to head towards anti-slip tiles. Tiles are the most efficient kitchen floor covering, they are completely waterproof and when installed correctly offer a guarantee against leaks, mould, and property damage. In addition to this, we all know how busy a kitchen can be full of laughs, accidents and every cooking agent one can nae! This is why tiles have always been the favoured choice when it comes to kitchen walls and floors. Now kitchen tiles have been made to offer beauty, peace and of course functionality. Remember when it comes to pattern kitchen tiles for both the walls and floors, avoiding a visual disturbance is a must for those smaller spaces, so we on the contrary opt for a larger format patterned bathroom tile as the best course of action. Then, either continuing the same tile to act as a splash back in the kitchen or breaking the floor tiles up with a contrasting plain tile for the walls, maybe even a metro tile. Patterned tiles are Intricate and ultimately a beautiful work of art, and are dominating the industry. If you need any help or advice choosing the best patterned tiles for your kitchen then head over to our live chat and getting speaking to one of our expert tile advisors.