Patterned Tiles

Patterned Tiles

Applebys is not just your every day tile shop! We boast some of the largest and exclusive collections in the UK. Just Imagine going to just one website that offers every patterned tile on the market......Welcome because we are that shop, with an extensive collection of 300 patterned  wall and floor tiles there really is no other option!

Pattered tiles are not exclusive to the kitchen and bathroom in fact, most of our customers use our patterned tiles for floor areas such as hallways, entrances and conservatories. Forget everything you used to know about patterned tiles! They are not these washed out little floral tiles dotted around the bathroom walls like they used to be 20-30 years ago.

Patterned tiles are so much more now, offering intricate and perfectly printed designs on to an array of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, clay and concrete! with. mix of finishes from matt to sating and of course gloss!

Within this collection description you will see some examples of our beautiful patterned tiles and their uses!

When choosing your patterned tiles the most important thing to consider their application. Are they going inside? Outside? Wet Areas? Areas of High Heat? These are all aspects that should be considered when picking a patterned tile for your home or garden!

If the tiles are being used as a wall tile inside and not being used near an open fire then your free to choose any tile within this collection!

If the tiles are going outside then they must be made from porcelain and have a Matt finish, this ensures the patterned tiles are protected against frost and do not become slippery when wet.

If used as a floor tile in a wet area such as bathroom again, you want to ensure it has a Matt finish to prevent slips.

Areas of high heat we would advise using a porcelain tile.

You can check the description of the tile, it should clearly state the finish and materials to help you make a comprehensive decision. 

Tiles are the most efficient floor and wall covering, they are completely waterproof and when installed correctly offer a guarantee against leaks, mould, and property damage. This is why tiles have always been the favoured choice when it comes to floor and wall coverings in the home.

Now tiles have been made to offer beauty, peace and of course functionality. Remember when it comes to patterned tiles for the home, avoiding a visual disturbance is a must for smaller spaces, so we on the contrary opt for a larger format patterned floor tile as the best course of action. In large areas the use of small tiles or large tiles has no effect on the visual finish.

Some of our favourite uses of patterned tiles can be seen below.


Above: Yaris Hazed Blue Patterned Tiles

The above tiles are on of our most popular patterned tiles they boast a stunning palette of neutral and pastel colours with a continuous geometric design across a solid porcelain body. These are one of our most versatile patterned tiles as they tick all the boxes for multiple uses. they have a Matt finish and are made from porcelain so are non-restrictive.

The design of these patterned tiles is created from the inspiration of moroccan tiles the exact design is then replicated in to an image format and then printed on to the tile using HD technology these allows for a 100% copy.

These tiles work well in all areas of the home, the blue within the tile is especially complimentary to bathrooms and wet rooms as blue is so closely linked to water it offers a calming and relaxing finish.



Above Lily Pad Grey Hexagon Pattern Tiles

One of our newest patterned tiles is this lily pad hexagon pattern tile! This tile offers all the practicalities with all the latest interior design influences. they boast a matt colour scheme with the massively popular hexagonal geometric shape and striking modern pattern.

This is just one of our many tiles within the lily pad collection and is already fast becoming one of our best selling ranges. What makes these tile that little more special is their premium design. the patterned tiles include a thickness of 15mm that makes these tile incredibly strong and perfect for those looking to update their external spaces with a tile that will survive the harshest of winters and best of the summers.

We throughly recommend these tiles to anyone looking to achieve a modern interior finish with the use of unique colours, patterns and shapes.


Above: Synergy Vintage Floral Patterned Tiles 

within this vast collection of patterned tiles we have a substantial amount of tiles that include a floral pattern, with many variations and colour schemes.

Floral patterned tiles have been used for centuries, although, not quite as dull and plain as they used to be. Floral tiles have come along way now created using the HD print technology the colours are bold and captivating and not just for the walls! Floral tiles still fit perfectly within the bathroom, kitchen or entrance room of the home with many different floral designs. 


Above Enchanted Patchwork Patterned Tiles

Patchwork patterned tiles originate from Morocco where the use of encaustic effect tiles which are heavily patterned can be seen throughout buildings of all distinctions! Patterned patchwork tiles are Inspiring, Intricate and ultimately a beautiful work of art, patchwork tiles are dominating the industry.

They are the type of tile that requires you to double take! They boast patchwork prints in a variety of different colours and designs to fit any bathroom. We love the monochrome patchwork tiles on the basis that they are so versatile, they work with any bathroom furniture and decoration.

Patterned patchwork tiles are a very popular choice for those looking to create a more simple wall or floor covering with a repetitive yet distinctive pattern. We have many variations of patchwork tiles within this collection including both colourful and monochrome to ensure an option to suit all interiors.

Patchwork Encaustic Tile


Above: Colourful Patchwork Patterned Bathroom Wall Tile

For those that love nothing more then a splash of colour, who like to enter a room that immodestly draws your eye to a beautiful design then a colourful tiles is probably the right tile for you!

These tile in particular have taken their inspiration from the ever popular metro tile which can be found in all modern homes in the UK and famous underground stations around the world. this has then been mixed with moroccan influence to create a vibrant, colourful patterned tile.

With our range of colourful patterned bathroom tiles particular those with the geometric tile, there is no limit to the finish you can achieve!. These tiles can be used to create a captivating back drop for a bath, shower or even a floor covering. see below for an awe inspiring patterned wall design easily achieved with the use of our colourful metro tiles..

To find out more about choosing the best patterned bathroom tiles, get in contact with us! We are not robots, we don't read a script instead our small team of LiveChat advisors are all qualified tilers, this means the advice we offer is comprehensive and conclusive we have seen and worked with everything!