Patterned Wall Tiles

Patterned Wall Tiles

Our range of patterned wall tiles if forever growing, changing and expanding so there is no time like the present to join the craze of patterned tiles! The demand from home owners to decorate their walls be it bathroom walls, kitchen walls or feature walls with the use of patterned wall tiles is continuing to increase. With the increase of the demand, more and more manufacturers and designers are working together on innovative no products for those seeking a unique wall covering! 

Let us, let you in to the world of patterned tiles including the explanation of the variation of designs and formats and the options for their uses such as rooms and applications etc! 

We understand the options for choosing wall tiles is never ending but most wall tiles offer just a boring bold colour or a natural stone looking tile! We believe in offering a bit more flavour with our tiles which is why we offered patterned wall tiles. When it comes to options, within this collection we cover every design, shape, size and colour you could think of is now available in a variety of materials.

Some of the many popular tiles of this day and age such include wood effect, hexagon tiles etc et but in our opinion for those looking to renovate their wall space our patterned wall tiles have to be a serious contender!

A brief history of patterned tiles takes you in to the world of the market streets of Morocco, where the use of patterned and encaustic effect tiles have always been the fashion statement for centuries! Unlike the processes once used to create a patterned tile which consisted of crushed concrete, stone, glass and marble our tiles tend to be made from ceramic and porcelain.

The reason for this, is so they do not wear and offer waterproof capabilities without all the maintenance of having a cement based tile and of course not forgetting the cost! the cost to produce, paint and ship 1m2 of authentic moroccan tiles exceeds £200 per m2 but with the use of ceramic or porcelain and HD printing our patterned tiles are available from as little as £29.99 per m2.

When it comes to wall tiling we understand that as our interior designer expands so do the uses of our tiles so within this range of over 300 patterned tiles we include tiles that are suitable to be used external, patterned wall tiles that can be used on the floor, gloss finishes, matt finishes and even embossed finishes for those looking for something "more"

The other thing we find with the use of patterned wall tiles is being able to decorate around them existing interiors, although some may shy away from the bolder designs or colours it is actually incredibly easy to decorate the surrounding interiors with these in place!


Hexagon Patterned Wall Tiles

This is the latest innovation and break through in interior design! The hexagon patterned wall tile! Combing geometric shapes with an array of colours and designs, will not only uplift your wall space but, will allow your walls to become a feature space or focal point in the home! The combination of these two aesthetics will create an absolutely stunning finish, perfect for those looking to make a big first impression when guests and family enter their home.

Hexagon shaped patterned wall tiles work perfectly on both the walls and floors throughout the home! they are non-restrictive in their uses and are surprisingly easy to install!

Our range of hexagon patterned tiles is quite expansive so no matter the size of the area or the existing colour scheme of the room you should find your perfect match!


Encaustic Effect Patterned Wall Tiles

Moving on to a more traditional patterned tile, the encaustic effect design has been around for centuries, maybe even millenniums in a more basic form, when we mention encaustic it is actually open to a few interpretations of design from hard print landscapes to patch work finishes.

There are multiple uses for these patterned wall tiles including those looking to add colour or personality to the home and those looking to regain some of the original features of their home with the use of patterned tiles.

This is one of our favourites and we think one of these go-to tiles. Encaustic effect basically means the look and feel of genuine encaustic tiles coupled with the modern tile manufacturing techniques to perfectly replicate the aesthetics.

When opting to change the walls with the use of patterned encaustic effect tiles. consider the size of the area, for wall installation opt for a smaller encaustic effect patterned tile such as 20cm - 30cm in size, don't be restricted by colour you can use either monochrome designs or vibrant colours.


Geometric Patterned Wall Tiles

For those who really like to push the boat out and really create a focal point on their walls, you can opt for a geometric inspired patterned wall tile, unlike hexagon tiles which are a geometric tile, this range will be a square or rectangular tile that has geometric prints on the surface, this can include relative patterns, 2 or 3 way colours, hexagons, cube designs. Whatever it is it will be repetitive and is ideal for making your wall space look larger then what it is!

Geometric designs give an urban and artistic interior finish to your wall! It is the process of combining modern shapes with the use of repetitive designs without a break to raise a three dimensional abstract finish.


Why Choose Us For Your Patterned Wall Tiles?

This is an easy one for us! The main reason our customers choose Applebys Tiles for their patterned wall tiles is, the size of the range. We do not believe it is possible to scroll through our extensive range of over 400 patterned wall tiles without a single one catching your eye! That should be enough reason and if it is not then...

Our customer service? We have changed the way customer service works we don't just offer a phone call, we offer Live Chat response with an average wait time of just 2 minutes, better yet your not going to be speaking to a robot or someone with little knowledge of the product and the industry.

All of our customer service team have extensive knowledge of our patterned wall tiles, their uses and how to install them. They are not trained to try and sell or up-sell our tiles instead, they are all previous tilers with a total of 40 years tiling experience between them you can be sure the advice offered for our patterned wall tiles will be comprehensive.

If you want to learn more about our range of patterned wall tiles than head over to our blog where we have plenty of guides surrounding their uses, installation and what works well, where!

We hope you find your perfect match today if not head over to our Live Chat and see how one of our representatives can help you!