Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Our Range of Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

We believe porcelain tiles should be the first choice for any bathroom! Porcelain is a man-made product (a type of ceramic) with incredible strength. Porcelain tiles are predominately for floors, but our range of porcelain tiles can be used throughout the bathroom!

The main benefit of choosing a porcelain bathroom tile is their durability. Unlike ceramic, wood and vinyl, porcelain don't scratch and mark as easy; they are non-porous and are sure to last over 25 years.

When it comes to picking the best porcelain bathroom tile, we believe our choice is almost endless. From intricate hexagon tiles to large format concrete effect tiles, our porcelain tiles are at the forefront of design, durability and cost!

The bathroom is your own personal sphere, so don't feel like you can't experiment with a mixture of tiles. Why not go through our blogs and this collection to see the wide variety of tile mixes to get inspiration. Do you want a floral tile on your floor and wood effect tiles on your bathroom walls? Go for it!

There are a few do's and don't when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom and the most important is to consider the space. If your bathroom lacks space, particularly floor space, then stay away from small tiles. These can create a 'busy' environment with lots of grout lines, cuts, etc. Instead, opt for a larger tile, for example 45cm and above, to create the illusion of more space.

Our extensive range of porcelain bathroom tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from 1cm x 1cm, to 120cm x 120cm; if you want some advice our customer service team are probably the best around. This is thanks to all off our customer service team having tiling experience!

Moving back on to being unique with your tile design, if it's unique you're looking for and you want the latest porcelain bathroom design, then stick with hexagons and encaustic effect tiles! They are the latest trend on the market, offering the most character and charm, and giving your bathroom that luxury uplift.

Why choose Appleby's Tiles?

We are confident in all of our porcelain bathroom tiles! We have every price to suit your budget, every shape to suit individual style, and the best quality. As a company that has been built on tiling experience, we know what works best in what environment, we understand the importance of durability and if our team wouldn't tile with them, then we wouldn't sell them.

Samples? Why not order a sample cutting! We understand its hard to gauge exactly how a tile will look in your bathroom without seeing it first. However, all of our images are digitally created with the actual product to ensure you don't receive a tile that looks completely different. When you order a sample with us, if you love it and place a full order, your sample is automatically refunded. Don't like it? Just send it back for a 50% refund!

If you have any questions about our porcelain bathroom tiles then get in touch!