Slate Bathroom Tiles

Slate is one of the best looking natural stone products on the market and Applebys offer a comprehensive range of both slate bathroom tiles and slate effect bathroom tiles!

Slate is a natural stone flooring material that starts its process by being quarried out from mountains and cliff face's. Slate is a naturally occurring stone that is created over lengthy periods out of other rocks. The eccentric colours that slate has to offer comes from the mix of minerals found in the stone and the process of oxidisation.

We will always recommend natural slate and the colours can vary from grey to copper. When considering slate bathroom tiles it is important to consider exactly what you are looking for . With natural slate, these need to be sealed to ensure they do not become porous or become stained from the likes of shampoo or soaps. They also require cleaning with PH cleaners regularly to maintain their natural beauty.

If that sounds like too much work for you but you still desperately want the natural look in your bathroom that slate offers then look at our slate effect tiles, these tiles look as great as real slate and offer variations to help replicate them. late effect tiles do not require to be sealed or have any special cleaners and are non-porous so is much better for those seeking a tile that is high quality, looks great but is low maintenance.

If you have any questions about our Slate Bathroom Tiles then please do make contact with our customer service team who will be more then happy to help you with any questions that you may have.