Stone Cladding

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Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding has been around for many of years, and are now used as often inside the home as they are outside the home. Our Koping Stone range offers a unique take on traditional stone walling, made from cement with perfect colour representations this range is both lighter and cheaper then the real stone alternative! Although natural stones are available in many different types, they never fail to awe the viewer, they are impeccable for all home-types until used in sync with the other elements and perfect ratio.  

The aesthetic pleasing nature of Stone Cladding is unique; it adds a customized individualistic touch to the room and any space they are used. Its versatility enables its usage in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Homeowners who are trying to find ‘big-budget’ looking ways to decorate their home can use this Stone Cladding system on all walls. But if you are not sure whether these will enhance look or not then here we have a guide for- “How to use Stone Claddings in your house”. It will help you understand why Koping Stone is becoming so popular.

We have included all major focal spots, along with the kinds of stone for wall cladding. 

Stone Cladding is very practical for all sorts of building assignments and designing private spaces. Especially those seeking to either renovate a property that makes use of stone walling or create a traditional finish inside your modern home. These are clever substitutes to pocket-emptying natural stone they give your house a new look along with lots of savings. 

Our Stone Cladding is in high demand due to the broad spectrum of finishes available within this collection  from golden buffs to dark slates and everything in between! What makes our Stone Cladding even more popular is the easiness in application and maintenance. This Stone Cladding solution is the perfect way to create that dream feature wall!


Different Types of Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding is also none as Stone Copping and Stone Facia to name just a few. The difference between our Stone Cladding system and the traditional natural stone cladding system is purely weight, cost and ease of use. These products have been designed with homeowners in mind to ensure they meet the aesthetics expectations of the home owner in addition to the convince required in our very busy lives.

Benefits of Stone Cladding 

During the initial days, stones were only used in the whole big-cube form. This resulted in fulfilled the aesthetical requirements along with architectural ones. As the age developed, advanced types of machinery and instruments were found for mining, cutting, polishing, and coating, finishing these cubes; the transport became quicker, affordable and non-complex.

The natural stones and their accessibility are no more centered on the elite class people and their choices. They can be provided, used and acquired by all people around the world. Stone Cladding is in line with the best building materials in terms of their grade, costing, and various other features that we look for as buyers for home décor and building projects. 

Wall cladding directly points towards a layer of natural stone protection given to the walls inside and outside your houses. Being in trend, this idea is being used extensively by the construction industries; they use stone, tiles, veneer, and slabs for facing works.

Stones that have high density and fewer rates of absorbing water give a natural benefit; they do not lose their color over time. Light tones give entrancing looks, but since people hate stains on their precious walls and tiles, these are less effective unless they are pliable to stains. Darker tones of colours provide fewer upkeep opportunities as spotting dirt is hard on these surfaces.


Stone Cladding at Appleby's Tiles 

At Appleby’s, we have one of the best Stone Cladding collections, ensuring we meet the needs of all home owners and interiors/exteriors. 

All of our stone cladding is made to the highest standards, unlike many others ours is not painted so you can be sure your new Stone Cladding will last for decades to come!