Terracotta Bathroom Tiles

Terracotta is a traditional yet naturally beautiful choice for bathroom tiles and our Terracotta Bathroom Tiles offer a full range from Quarry tiles to Rustic Terracotta Effect tiles and beyond.

Terracotta tiles make the perfect interior floor or wall covering for those looking to seek our the period features their home once had or, to add a rustic cottage appeal to their home. Traditionally terracotta tiles come from Spain, Portugal and Mexico and is quarried before being manufactured in to a red/brown natural tile.

However with advances in the tile industry and to meet the busy life of a homeowner we have slowly been moving away from traditional terracotta and instead installing terracotta effect tiles!

Our terracotta bathroom tiles collection still has all of the rustic, imperfect charm that comes with the real stuff but without the hard work. When using traditional terracotta in the bathroom one very important factor to consider is how wet do they get? Terracotta tiles are renowned for being one of the most porous natural materials this means that before installing them you are required to eat them on average of 5 times before tiling, once before grouting and then once after grouting. In addition to this you then need to ensure you clean them with PH friendly cleaners so not to stain the terracotta and then finally once every year or two reset them again! I think we can all agree this is a lot of work and if you don't do it, shampoos, soaps, grease and oil will all permanently stain terracotta

with the above in mind, terracotta effect bathroom tiles make for a much better option, no sealing require, no special cleaners just stick them down and relax for the next 20+ years. That is not the only benefit, they are also scratch resistant, reduce labour time and costs and, considerably cheaper.

We believe we have a terracotta bathroom tile to suit everyone, if you need any help with our tiles or, would like to speak to someone about a particular tile, feel free to contact us using the link at the top of the page or, heading over to our live chat.