Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

For those looking to get a lustful and traditional finish in their bathrooms, we can not recommend the use of terracotta effect bathroom tiles enough! The stunning Mediterranean hues and blemishes these tiles offer will take your right back to your favourite holiday!

If you are wondering why we are discussing terracotta in an effect tile it is because of the advancements in tile technology. For many years terracotta was a popular choice in the bathroom and kitchen alike, it offered beautiful colourings and was produced in the UK so was considerably cheap.

The issue that terracotta had was its high maintenance! Terracotta is one of the hardest materials to maintain, before even laying the tiles each tile will need up to 6 coats of sealer to protect them from becoming stained due to the installation process, in addition after being laid they need to be sealed again to prevent damage from the grout. After grouting they then need sealing again and then to ensure they always stay waterproof they need sealing every 1 -2 years. This is on top of having to use a special PH neutral cleaner! Sound like a lot of work? It is and that is from a tiles perspective!

Which is why we introduce this stunning collection of terracotta effect bathroom tiles! Instead of using terracotta this range of bathroom tiles is made from using materials such as porcelain and ceramic, much tougher materials and completely non-porous so you can forget about all the maintenance. To achieve the colour and variations, this is done by taking digital images of terracotta dn printing these in HD on the ceramic or porcelain therefore giving you a beautiful terracotta effect bathroom tile!


Historical and Modern Use of Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

In ancient times, the terracotta stone was used everywhere in the house and even outside of the home; it made space appear more inviting and calmer. It was also used in 15th-century houses, primarily in kitchens and various other areas. However, due to its costly maintenance, it was quickly overlooked. It was hard to keep clean and was easily scratched and damaged therefore the industry introduced more plain ceramic tiles!

Now terracotta effect bathrooms are introduced so are different designs, from hexagon tiles to interlocking puzzle tiles, the variations are endless but for us you can not beat the classic look! With all of our porcelain made terracotta effect bathroom tiles these can be used both inside and outside of the home thanks to their fros protection properties, giving you peace of mind and room to experiment with these beaut's!


Versatile Style Choices Using Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

There are a variety of style and hue options with this range of terracotta effect bathroom tiles including lighter more creamy terracotta shades which are ideal for bathrooms that lack natural light or are poorly lit. Using this lighter shade of terracotta will prevent the bathroom from looking small and boxed in.

We also of course, how our rustic designs for those renovating and wanting a terracotta bathroom tile that looks like it has been in place for many years!

As well as shades, the different shapes within this range allow you to create modern and traditional patterns for example, our horizontal tiles can create a gorgeous and modern herringbone pattern floor finish, which is popularly being used in traditional style kitchens that are looking for a modern twist.. We also offer modular terracotta effect bathroom tiles, these are great again for those looking to achieve a perfect replication of real terracotta and work particularly well in larger bathrooms.

Why Choose Us For Your Terracotta Bathroom Tiles?

This is an easy one for us! The main reason our customers choose Applebys Tiles for their terracotta effect tiles is the size of the range. We do not believe it is possible to scroll through our extensive range of over 20 terracotta effect bathroom tiles without a single one catching your eye! That should be enough reason and if it is not then...

Our customer service? We have changed the way customer service works we don't just offer a phone call, we offer Live Chat response with an average wait time of just 2 minutes, better yet your not going to be speaking to a robot or someone with little knowledge of the product and the industry.

All of our customer service team have extensive knowledge of our terracotta effect tiles, their uses and how to install them. They are not trained to try and sell or upset our tiles instead, they are all previous tilers with a total of 40 years tiling experience between them you can be sure the advice offered for our terracotta effect bathroom tiles will be comprehensive.

If you want to learn more about our range of terracotta effect tiles than head over to our blog where we have plenty of guides surrounding their uses, installation and what works well, where!

We hope you find your perfect match today if not head over to our Live Chat and see how one of our representatives can help you!