Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles

Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles

Terracotta effect kitchen tiles take their name, colours and design from the use of authentic terracotta. terracotta has been used in homes for centuries and many years ago was the number on choice for floor coverings within the home. Terracotta was so popular because it was the most accessible tile on the market, it was manufactured in the U.K and was relatively cheap due to the huge demand for the material.

Tiles have come along way since then as is the same with terracotta tiles! Still very popular in their own right but updated to fit in with modern homes and modern lifestyles! Our range of terracotta effect kitchen tiles are actually effect tiles! This means instead of being clay fired our tiles are instead made from ceramic or porcelain and then printed with exact terracotta replicas to give a seem-less finish!

The reason we are finding more and more home owners choosing to use terracotta effect tiles in the kitchen over traditional terracotta is both the price and these east that these tiles offer.

Unlike authentic terracotta, our tiles do not need sealing individually up to 8 times before and after laying, they do not need PH friendly cleaners, they do not stain from oil spills, do not need machine cutting, do not need re-sealing every few years and are not full of imperfections! With the use of our terracotta effect kitchen tiles, simply lay them and clean them as you would any normal floor tile! It could not be easier!


Above: Our Rustic Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tile

The trend of terracotta effect kitchen tiles

We have seen a steady increase in the sales of our terracotta effect kitchen tiles, they are now used for a mix of finishes. Both for those looking to renovate an existing terracotta job and for those looking to create a more traditional finish to their kitchen.

Although a small range we so still have the largest range of terracotta effect kitchen tiles. So you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. In addition to this as with all of our tiles you can order samples of each product to get a real feel of the product.

As we previously mentioned with the leap in technology in tile manufacturing, our designers and suppliers have not just replicated the aesthetics that terracotta offers but, also managed to replicate the imperfections and texture that is often seen in both Spanish and Mexican terracotta tiles.

A lot of our customers say that "once laid it is near impossible to tell that these are not original or real" That is enough proof for us that terracotta effect kitchen tiles are very "On-Trend".

Why should Appleby’s be your your choice ?

Because we are the best? No seriously we are the fastest growing online tile shop in the U.K this means we are dedicated to our customers and products. So no matter your choice of terracotta effect kitchen tile. We have vetted and inspected the product to ensure it meets out standard.

At Applebys we believe price should always come second to quality so we do not boast that we are the "cheapest" tile shop but we can boast that we offer the best quality with the best customer service! 

What is different about Appleby’s?

What makes us and our range of terracotta effect kitchen tiles stand out the most is the variety, we have a small but very varied collection of tiles to suit the needs of every home. Our most latest additions are a modern take on the standard terracotta tile which of course, is square. We however offer both rectangular and hexagonal terracotta kitchen tiles. 

This allows our customers to have the best of both worlds, traditional and varied colouring with modern geometric designs!

Terracotta effect tiles are designed to function in a kitchen.

All of our terracotta effect kitchen tiles are perfectly suite to the kitchen! After all the kitchen can sometimes be a hectic place but it is without doubt the heart of the home right? It is important that the busiest room not only looks amazing but is safe therefore all of our tiles within this collection offer anti-slip properties prevent the tiles from becoming slippery when wet!

Low prices high quality

As we said, we do not claim to be the cheapest when it comes to terracotta kitchen tiles but our prices are great we could, of course offer cheaper products but we think quality is far more important.

Having said this there is no doubt we have a price range to suit all within this collection from £29.99 to £69.99. Our quality does not decrease the lesser the price of the tile, but the more expensive tile tend to have more intricate designs or a longer manufacturing process.

The Best Customer Service Team

We are not ashamed to boast about how amazing our customer service team is! We believe we are the only online tile shop were all of our customer service team are previous tilers! This allows us not just to help you choose the best terracotta effect kitchen tile for your specified area but we can help you from materials right up to the installation! Head over to our live chat and give us a try!