Travertine Bathroom Tiles

Travertine is a timeless stone that has been a home favourite for centuries, a historically durable stone its no surprise we have created a travertine bathroom tiles collection!

In its raw form travertine is a naturally porous product and you will see (if using real travertine) that the tile actually has small and medium sized pours all over it, thats because travertine is a raw slate material that has not had any filling and is supposed to look this way to keep it 100% natural. However, our travertine effect tiles won't have this, instead it will give the impression of open pours to replicate the tile but to give complete waterproof properties.

To be able to use genuine travertine tiles in the bathroom, just make sure that your tiler throughly seals them oversize the tiles can be come damaged from chemicals and hard-water. If this sounds like too much hard work than you are in luck!

Most of our travertine bathroom tiles collection contains 'travertine effect' what travertine effect means is a ceramic or porcelain tile (non porous) has been created to perfectly impose travertine, with variations across the tiles and some even have the textures of travertine, these are a cheaper and lower maintenance option.

Traditionally used by those wanting to seek a spa like feel to their bathroom travertine is one of our top choices, not just for bathroom floors but the walls also, the natural colours of our travertine and travertine effect tiles are the most neutral and calming that we have to offer. Its simple yet classy and work in any environment, with any furniture!

If you have any questions about our travertine products, then feel free to get in contact with us via live chat and one of our customer service team will be able to help you!