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Underfloor Heating

Our underfloor heating systems

We’re sure we don’t need to convince you of the benefits of underfloor heating. Now a common staple in homes up and down the UK, underfloor heating systems help combat the winter chills and allow you to maintain a warm, steady temperature in your property, even when the weather turns bitterly cold.

They have been typically considered a luxury, but now you’re more likely to come across underfloor heating systems than ever before. In the past ten years or so, more and more people have cottoned on to the various lifestyle and economic advantages of investing in their own heated floor mats; plus, this technology
has become much more affordable to the average homeowner. When you install an underfloor heating mat, you’re doing away with bulky wall radiators.

You’re opting for heat that’s distributed evenly around the room. And you’re choosing a much more eco-friendly heating option, too, because these types of electric heating systems are known to be more efficient that traditional radiators, stoves or fires. Underfloor heating solutions can normally be installed under tiled floors, too, so you can even make use of these nifty products in your kitchen or bathroom and experience the amazing warmth and comfort that they provide throughout your entire home.

Here at Appleby’s, we deal with the sole distributor of this range of underfloor heating mats, which means

that we can offer these innovative products to our customers at incredible prices. Whether you’re looking for an easy to use manual system, or want a system with a high-tech digital thermostat, we’re sure you’ll find the right underfloor heating solution within our collection. And don’t forget, if you want us to lay your new underfloor heating system for you, you can get in touch
with our installation team for a quote over the phone.

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