White Bathroom Tiles

White Bathroom Tiles

White bathroom tiles have always been the go to when it comes to renovating a bathroom or even installing a new one. The main reason of this is because of the lack of light in a bathroom usually a bathroom will have just one window or no windows at all. So it was important for homeowners to make the use of what natural light they did have by using white bathroom tiles to allow the light to be reflected around the room, creating an open and inviting environment!

The bathroom is where the white tile originally found its use, they were not found so much in kitchens, or hallways or anywhere other then the splash area of the bath and they were there just to serve the purpose of being waterproof.

Many years on, the tiles are normally the most important consideration when it comes to fitting a new bathroom, they are highly decorative and with 1,000's of different variants they are heavily desired.

Whilst we have seen many other colours being used within the bathroom, the white bathroom tile still stands as the best selling colour for bathrooms for exactly the same reason as it was many years ago!


When you think of white bathroom tiles the standard tile that comes to mind is a 15cm x 115cm plain boring square tile. We don't even sell this tile because its just a little bit boring for our liking, we pride ourselves on offering variety and unique designs so it would be against our even belief to have them tiles listed!

There are many variations and possibilities with white bathroom tiles such as walls and floors and the use of different styles to bring more light in to the room or in some cases add some much needed character.

A white bathroom tile doesn't have to be over the top, or super bright it can be a pattern or a motley shade of white that really brings out the best of your kitchen.

We believe the only choice for waterproofing your bathroom floor properly is with the use of tiles! They are non-porous hardwearing and some have ant-slip properties making them the best choice by far!


Different Style Of White Bathroom Tiles

As with any tiles, there are many different styles you can choose from when deciding on white bathroom tiles and below we have listed just a few of our best selling white tiles

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are the latest addition to the family, this super cool and urban geometric shape adds a whole new dimension to your bathroom, they can be used as a complete installation, walls and/or floor or they can be used to create a feature in an otherwise middle plain bathroom.

We think these look best as a floor tile that extensors up a single wall to create a beautiful feature! Our range of hexagon tiles consists of over 250 different designs pent of which are white or partially white.


Mosaic Tiles

Our range of mosaic tiles make for the perfect bathroom wall or floor tile! when used as white bathroom tiles, mosaics are really great at adding depth to your bathroom. If you are one of those who don't get enough natural light in to your kitchen then the combination of mosaics and the use of white can be incredibly beneficial for making the space appear more open and light.

We have an extensive range of mosaics in many different formats including incorporating the use of hexagons to allow you to go ultra modern.


Metro Tiles

Metro wall tiles are the nations most popular choice when choosing white bathroom tiles, these wall tiles are very diverse though and our collection included many variations from mini metros, modern beveled metros, rustic crackle glaze and oversized the choices are endless so don't be afraid to go a bit unique with metro tiles.


Large Format Tiles

We probably already know what you're thinking when we say large format white bathroom tiles "my bathroom isn't big enough" that is were you are wrong so to set the record straight bigger is better in every tile application. If your bathroom floor is only 2m2 then get the largest white bathroom tiles you can! it will make the room appear larger thanks to the reduction of grout lines. 

Also don't think large tiles are restricted to just the floor, you can do the same with your walls, as long as your walls can bear the weight (speak to your tiler first) then these can also be used on the wall to create a more open space and minimise those grout lines.

If you choose to opt for a smaller white bathroom tiles then the space can sometimes look busy and cluttered. There are of course many variations in white bathroom tiles for the floor including effects such as stone, marble and limestone but we also have the perfectionist range which are a large format rectified edge perfectly white tile for those looking for a minimalistic finish.

Accessorising White Bathroom Tiles

Complementing your white Bathroom tiles is a must and we mean with the use of colour, it doesn't have to be bold but a little bit of colour will bring out the best in your tiles.

If you have opted for a white floor tile then change the walls up a little bit, use an off-white mosaic or a dark metro tile to contrast the floor. If you decorate a whole room in just white its going to be difficult to maintain and may fall in to becoming clinical rather than a home.

Another little design tip is to create a feature in your bathrooms this can be done by taking a central focal point such as the area above your sink or the shower enclosure or even the bath surround! If you opt for a white bathroom wall tile then consider using a very contrasting tile for behind those feature areas as discussed above such as a patterned tile, bright mosaic or even a brick slip.

This will add depth to the room and create a single reference/focal point!

Another way to make the most of your white bathroom tiles is the choice of gout you make, personally we are a big fan of contrasting grout so we would always suggest a dark grout. It looks modern and the best part about it is how easy black or even dark grey grout is to maintain!

Why Choose Us For Your White Bathroom Tiles?

This is an easy one for us! The main reason our customers choose Applebys Tiles for their white bathroom tiles needs is the size of the range. We do not believe it is possible to scroll through our extensive range of over 400 white bathroom tiles without a single one catching your eye! That should be enough reason and if it is not then...

Our customer service? We have changed the way customer service works we don't just offer a phone call, we offer Live Chat response with an average wait time of just 2 minutes, better yet your not going to be speaking to a robot or someone with little knowledge of the product and the industry.

All of our customer service team have extensive knowledge of our white bathroom tiles, their uses and how to install them. They are not trained to try and sell or upset our tiles instead, they are all previous tilers with a total of 40 years tiling experience between them you can be sure the advice offered for our white bathroom tiles will be comprehensive.

If you want to learn more about our range of white tiles than head over to our blog where we have plenty of guides surrounding their uses, installation and what works well, where!

We hope you find your perfect match today if not head over to our Live Chat and see how one of our representatives can help you!