Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

Want to give a warm makeover to your bathroom without the fuss of hefty maintenance and installation cost? Then, the wood effect bathroom tiles are your best bet. They offer raw aesthetics of hardwood floor with many benefits. Appleby’s manufacturers of wood effect bathroom tiles aim to provide faithful replicas of real wood, which have variation and styles. Each tile is created to have exquisite details through HD digital printing technology.


Why Choose Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles?

Before you spend your hard-earned cash, it is important to know what you are buying and how much will it help you in years to come. wood effect bathroom tiles are a cheaper and practical alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, which was often used in sauna rooms and rural housing. It offers a rustic and warm finish but needs constant upkeep. 

Unlike traditional hardwood, wood effect bathroom tiles do not get warped over time. They are made with durable industrial materials such as ceramic or porcelain, which makes them have excellent longevity. We, at Appleby’s, aim to provide top-notch quality wood effect bathroom tiles that have the best value in the market. We aspire for customer satisfaction by providing more than 400+ designs that can be used to create different style finishes.


Advantages of Using Appleby’s Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

We aim to create natural and aesthetic tile designs that can be used in any places. Our wood effect bathroom tiles offer various benefits that allow users to have the best experience.

Our wood effect bathroom tiles require little to no maintenance. Unlike other manufacturers, we use porcelain material to give durability to the tiles. You don't need to wax, sand, or seal our tiles consistently; they can efficiently handle wear and tear of bathroom usage.  

The wood effect bathroom tiles at our stores are also given unique anti-slip properties. You can use your bathroom or shower without worrying about accidental slips. The surface of the tiles is made to have a firm grip and anti-slip finish that can last in wet rooms as well.

Unlike hardwood or ceramic tiles, our porcelain wood effect bathroom tiles are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and sun-resistant. Showering products or water does not affect the surface colour or design of tiles. Moreover, they are also made to be sun-resistant, so they won't fade over time if there is a sunny-patch in your bathroom.

One of the biggest advantages of using Appleby’s wood effect bathroom tiles is the underfloor heating properties. Our tiles will keep you warm and cosy in the bathrooms, even in the coldest winter days. They are an effective and suave option to have in bathrooms that need a rustic makeover. 


Trending Style Options Using Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

We offer more than 400+ tile options at the cheapest of rates so even home-owners can buy and transform their home into their dream space. We offer burnt natural, rustic, encaustic, and various other designs. Our huge range of designs allows you to create modern, contemporary, retro, vintage, and traditional style homes without making much fuss.

Practicality with Grand Designs

Our aim, at Appleby’s, is to offer the best material and products so you can create your dream home. We offer our wood effect bathroom tiles at cheap rates so it may be suited for individuals with budget issues. Our wood effect bathroom tiles are available for as low as £21.99, and it only gets better from there. Our wood effect tiles are designed to suit your needs. We have specially made them so are a practical and aesthetic option that can be used in modern bathrooms.  

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