Wood Effect Floor tiles

Wood Effect Floor Tiles

In the past, wooden flooring had a dashing appeal that quickly took the hearts of designers back in the years. They offer a rustic charm and warm look to the room. Sounds good right? Sure, if you like swollen beams, knotted wood, and warped timber. These are some of the cons that led to the downfall of wooden flooring. 

Now with the advent of porcelain, its alternative, wood effect floor tiles are quickly raising the ranks of designer option. Consequently, Appleby aims to offer the highest quality wood effect tiles so you can have the same dashing wooden appeal in your home as well.

The Rising Popularity of Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Our wood effect floor tiles offer practicality and durability along with its gorgeous looks. It can offer an authentic appeal to your room as it has hundreds of varieties that replicate real wood. Our varieties of designs have allowed home-owners to use wood effect floor tiles in all sorts of places to create their own dream homes. 

Unlike real wood, Appleby’s wood effect floor tiles can be easily used in bathrooms to create warm and rustic looks. Our wood effect floor tiles do not need much maintenance in bathrooms or kitchens as they have been treated to be water-resistant, frost-resistant, and durable. They can be easily used in high-traffic areas to create gorgeous looks without the worry of damaging their material. 

Moreover, we offer more than 400+ design options that allow designers to create authentic wooden looks in all the spaces of the home.


Trending Wood Effect Floor Tiles Available at Appleby’s

One of the most popular styles of wood effect floor tiles is the distressed/burnt look, which creates authentic and rough-hewn looks. You can create this look using our burnt wood effect floor tiles in bathrooms that have a black and white monochromatic finish.

Moving towards a classier option, our parquet wood effect floor tiles can be used to create sophisticated looks in modern and contemporary rooms. This style can be used in bathrooms or in the bedrooms to create an eye-catching effect. Our natural wood effect floor tiles are also a popular option in bedrooms as it can create a cosy and warm look. 

On the other hand, our retro wood effect floor tiles are also a popular option among artful designers, i.e. Colourful Wood Plank Wall and Floor Tiles. Our Abliss Light Blue Wood Effect Glass Brick Mosaic can also create a strikingly retro effect as kitchen flooring.


Benefits of Using Our Wood Effect Floor Tiles

The porcelain and ceramic wood effect floor tiles at Appleby's offer a dedicated wooden look with many benefits at hand. One of the most popular reasons for its popularity is its durability and longevity; it can look just as incredible after years as it did in the beginning. Moreover, it can be installed and cleaned without making much fuss as it has matt or a glazed finish. Even the elegant design of treated wood effect floor tiles can look chic as the material has a perceptive clean finish.

High Quality with Aesthetic Appeal

We aim to provide wood effect floor tiles that are made of high-quality material; it is treated to withstand wear and tear over the years. They can easily look effortlessly gorgeous in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens while giving it a specified appeal.  

Whether, matt or glossy, our wood effect floor tiles offer a refined nostalgic appeal of olden days. Our different styles and replication of authentic wood designs allow it to be used to create a contemporary, modern, vintage, retro, or traditional looks. We aspire to create diverse style and designs that home-owners and designers can use to create their dream spaces. 


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