Contact Issues

Effective 30.01.2020 - 11.02.2020

Please read the below statement regarding our contact information.

During the week of 14th January, our phone lines were damaged due to high winds. We have been in contact with our phone line supplier as well as external companies to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We have been informed due to the amount of damaged cause and other factors out of our control, Our supplier will need internal access to our offices to complete the required groundworks.

This means for the period 30.01.2020 - 11.02.2020 we will be contactable by e-mail only. 

Due to this our staff will be working longer hours then normal which means any emails sent between 6am and 8pm will be responded to within 4 hours!

We apologies for this inconvenience but are looking forward to this permanent fix!