The New Way To Do Samples


Now introducing our new tile sample service. We think samples should be quick, easy and rewarding so here is how our samples work.


1. Select your sample for your desired tile(s) add to cart and checkout!

2. Your samples will be processed and will take 4-7 working days to be delivered. All of our samples are sent through Royal Mail 1st Class.

3. Love your sample? Then go on to order your desired quantity. We will automatically refund the cost of the sample you brought once your order is received.





How big are the samples?

Our Samples sizes vary, although we offer a "cut sample" 95% of the time we send out a full size sample. Unfortunately some of our suppliers/manufacturers only provide us with cut samples to send out.


How many samples can I order?

We allow you to order as many samples as you wish of any one per order, we do not allow repeat sample orders and repeat orders will be refunded


How long does it take to receive our samples?

It can take anywhere from 1-7 working days to receive your sample


What courier do you use?

Where possible we will always send our samples through Royal Mail 1st Class, when we send full size tile samples (at no extra cost) we use DX or UK Mail.


Can I return my sample?

No, a sample is for visual guidance only, samples may contain blemishes etc, when ordering brick slips please rely on product photos and description we will send 1-2 bricks as samples however brick slips are handmade so each slip will vary from the next slightly!


I like my sample how does the refund work?

If you like your tile sample simply go on to place a full order, send us an email to and we will refund your sample.


What packaging do you use?

We use LIL packaging (similar to Amazons DVD packaging) we do our best not to use bubble wrap or polystyrene however sometimes this is required to ensure safe transit of tiles.


My sample has arrive broken what do I do?

Simply send us a picture of your broken sample to and we will have a replacement sent out to you!


How heavy are the samples?

Our samples usually weigh under 1kg