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200 Watt/M2 Under Floor Heating Matt With Touch Screen Thermostat

200 Watt/M2 Under Floor Heating Matt With Touch Screen Thermostat

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Appleby's deal directly with the sole Uk distributor of this exclusive and incredibly well priced heating matt.

Appleby's Underfloor Heating Element Specifications:

Heating Element

  • The matt offers a dual core wire with a simple connection point
  • A thin 3.6mm cable allows for tiles to go easily over the top with a 10mm trowel and prevents an over increase in floor height.
  • The heating wire is protected with a tough out casing of PVC.
  • Full CE & TUV Certification and ROHS Compliance.
  • 100% Coverage of Earth Shield for peace of mind.
  • 25 Year Manufacture Warranty for peace of mind.

Matt Design

  • What makes this matt stand out is that the whole mesh that the wire is attached to is adhesives back, unlike more expensive matts were you are provided with two small steps of adhesive.
  • Zero Maintenance. once installed there is no risk of burst pipes or any cleaning etc required.


  • This kit offers even positioning of the heat source giving a consistent heated floor rather then hot and cold patches.
  • The smart thermostat control promotes energy saving ways of running your underfloor heating 


  • Innovative and sensitive touch features with a 4.3" Screen
  • Easy To Use interface the guides you through all the different set-ups

Underfloor Heating Thermosat


  • Large graphic displays make it easy for you to choose an option or make an adjustment
  • 3 main functions allow you to choose from 3 different sensor settings. Ambient (built in sensor) to control the air temperature. Floor to control the floor temperature using the floor probe. or a combination of the two .


  • Up to 6 different temperature periods for each day 
  • Each day can be programmed differently
  • Four Languages - English, french, German and Dutch
  • Fits in a single gang back box (45mm deep)

Tile Underfloor Heating


Applebys would always advise on using insulation boards as they reduce the warm up time and running costs by up to 50%. Meaning the saving allows for the product to pay for itself in 3 years time.

This heating is suitable for installation onto timber floors which have been overboard with our no more ply or, a minimum of 15mm Marine quality ply.

Floorboards and chipboard will require insulation boards to be installed to create a thermal barrier between the heat matt and the timber.

Selecting the size of matt

Always order less then the size of the room as the matt can not be cut to size or adjusted. First measure the room then deduct all areas where you have fixed furniture such as cookers, sofas etc then deduct a further 10% from this size just to be safe.

Installation and Electrical Consideration

As with all electrical insulation's it is always best to get a qualified electrician to install the mat however, the mat itself is easy enough to lay out but the electrical connection should be done by an electrician.

It is recommended that a matt no bigger then 20m2 to run off 1 thermostat. and that each room should have a matt and a thermostat to itself.

The heating must be protected by a 30mA RCD. An electrician will make this adjustment if required in the consumer unit.

Technical Specifications

Suitable For Use Under - All Tiles

Wattage Output - 200w per M2

Gurantee - 25 Years

Certification - CE, ROHS, TUV

Structure - Dual Core Wire

Cable Thickeness 3.6mm

Cold Tail Length - 3 Meters

Cable Spacing - 80mm

Insulation - Fluropolymer and PVC

Earth Type - 100% Coverage Earth Shield

Power Supply - AC230V +/-10% 50/60HZ