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Schulter Ditra Matting

Schulter Ditra Matting

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Applebys are proud to offer Schulter Ditra Matting, the leading manufacturer in tile membranes.

The matting can be used for various processes however its main use is to absorb and prevent movement on joining floors and wooden sub bases. When a wooden floor is installed it is usually installed with joins, each join can expand, shrink and move over time with climate change and water damage, when the movement takes place everything else on top of the wood has to move with it so, if tiles are laid directly on top of the wood and the wood has movement or is affected by any of the above this will cause the tiles/grout to crack.

By using ditra mat it takes out the risk of movement allowing the tiles to reach their full life extent.

This is also the case when being used on other flooring where an extension has taken place and their is a join between the old structure and new structure.

Ditra Mat is also a very popular waterproofing product.

The floor that the matting is being fitted onto must be even and load bearing. To bond Schlüter® DITRA, use a bonding adhesive that is appropriate for the substrate such as a flexible adhesive. Then, follow these steps:

  • Spread and apply the adhesive using a 3 x 3mm or 4 x 4mm notched trowel
  • Ensure that the anchoring fleece on the underside of the Schlüter® DITRA is fully engaged in the adhesive - providing a mechanical bond to the substrate
  • Always observe the open time of the bonding adhesive if it starts to go off before the mat is on top of it then the mat will become ineffective.

*We would always recommend getting a tiler who has previously worked with the product to install it.

Please note this is a 5m roll and we do not sell it by the meter,

Price is per 5 Meter Roll.